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Laser scanner detects acrylamide precursers in chips

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Laser scanner detects acrylamide precursers in chips

By Rick Pendrous

Amid growing concern about the presence of cancer-causing acrylamide in crisps and French fries, a young scientist has developed a new laser system that scans peeled potatoes in the factory to detect toxic compounds before they reach the consumer.

Pregnant women should avoid the high levels of acrylamide sometimes found in chips, according to new research

Acrylamide may cause low birth weight: New research

By Mike Stones

New research has linked foods rich in acrylamide, such as chips, to a higher risk of low birth weight children, while levels of the chemical in chips are rising, according to a separate report the European food watchdog the European Food Safety Authority...

Eastern promise of frozen chips

Eastern promise of frozen chips

Chilling and freezing specialist GEA Eurotek has reported "a bumper serving of order wins", which it attributes to China and India's increasing appetite for French fries.


'Myth busting' McCain gives oven chips a makeover

By Rick Pendrous

Oven chip specialist McCain Foods' efforts to reformulate its product range combined with a targeted PR campaign has helped it to successfully navigate the healthy food storm that has engulfed the UK over the past few years, its corporate affairs...


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