Food Safety Conference

Campden BRI technology director Richard Akkermans said new technology would boost food safety

Food Safety Conference

Latest food safety tech ‘keeps food fresher’

By Matt Atherton

The latest technology in food manufacturing will help to keep food as fresh as possible, while not compromising on safety, says Campden BRI technology director Richard Akkermans.

The British Poultry Council’s Reg Smith says the UK has to be more vocal on a global scale

Food Safety Conference

UK needs to be more vocal on global meat antibiotic use

By Matt Atherton

The UK’s meat sector needs to be more vocal in encouraging Asian countries to cut antibiotic use, as treatment here has significantly reduced, says the British Poultry Council’s (BPC’s) Reg Smith.

John Barnes said the industry would gain more control with the new FSA scheme

Food Safety Conference

Food firms ‘to get more control’ with new FSA plan

By Matt Atherton

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) plan to refocus its resources to investing more money in strategic science and data analysis will give food and drink manufacturers more control over their destiny, according to former-FSA head of local authority enforcement...

John Barnes will discuss earned recognition at this year's food safety conference

Firms ‘must prepare for promising’ earned recognition

By Matt Atherton

Food Manufacture’s food safety conference will arm delegates with the latest information on earned recognition, according to Enmoore food safety consultant and former Food Standards Agency (FSA) boss John Barnes.

Food hygiene audits could be revolutionised by smart glasses

Smart glasses to revolutionise hygiene audits

By Rick Pendrous

Wearable wireless technology – specifically, smart glasses with inbuilt video cameras – is set to revolutionise the way food hygiene audits and training is carried out, according to the boss of an international auditing company.

The British poultry sector has led the way in cutting the use of antibiotics

Antibiotic overuse is target for action

By Rick Pendrous

Experts from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) have called on the food supply chain to reduce, replace and re-think the use of antimicrobials in animals to address the problem of antimicrobial resistance...

DWF's Dominic Watkins highlighted the need to plan responses to a food safety challenge in advance

Safety conference

Food safety: stopping a risk becoming a crisis

By Michael Stones

Stopping a food safety challenge becoming a multi-million pound crisis depends on first acknowledging the problem and having a recovery strategy in place to mitigate it, according to DWF partner Dominic Watkins.

Food safety conference chair Professor Colin Dennis appealed for a stronger industry partnership with the Food Standards Agency

Food safety conference: chairman’s highlights

By Michael Stones

Greater sharing of food safety information was a key theme of Food Manufacture’s food safety conference, highlighted by conference chairman Professor Colin Dennis in this exclusive video interview.

Brexit would offer food safety opportunities and risks

Food safety conference

Food safety policy to be restructured post-Brexit

By Matt Atherton

The UK needs a more joined up food policy after Brexit, to overcome sustainability, obesity and food safety issues, according to Which? chief policy adviser Sue Davies.

Dennis said the Food safety conference was 'critical' to help debate the 'fundamental issue'

Food safety a ‘fundamental issue of concern’

By Laurence Gibbons

Food safety remains a “fundamental issue of concern” for the food industry, government and consumers and attending events such as the Food Manufacture Group’s Food safety conference will arm delegates with vital information to avoid problems.

Campylobacter control should not be compromised by supermarket price war: Jeremy Hall

Supermarket war ‘blunts campylobacter control’

By Michael Stones

The battle against campylobacter, Britain’s leading cause of food poisoning, has been compromised by the big four supermarkets’ price war against discount stores Aldi and Lidl, warns Bernard Matthews group technical director Jeremy Hall.

2 Sisters said it wanted to deliver a strategy that protected animal and human interests

2 Sisters cracks down on antibiotics use

By Rod Addy

2 Sisters Food Group is scrapping from its poultry production all antibiotics prioritised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as critically important to human health.

Local authority funding cuts cause concern

Food Safety Conference

Concern over LA budget cuts raised

By Nicholas Robinson

Doubt about the ability of local authorities (LA) to maintain food safety during a time of increased government budget cuts has been raised.

Food safety risks should not be overlooked when reforumating foods to combat Britain's obesity epidemic, said Dr Sarah Stringer

Food safety conference

Beware food safety impact of reformulation

By Michael Stones

Small-scale food manufacturers have been warned to beware the food safety consequences of reformulating their products to remove salt, sugar and fat.

Retailers have denied blocking rapid surface chilling to combat campylobacter due to fears it would add up to 5p to the cost of poultry

Food safety conference

Retailers deny blocking new campylobacter control

By Michael Stones

Retailers have denied failing to support a new treatment that could slash the incidence of campylobacter food poisoning because it could add to cost of poultry.

The food industry should reassure the public that Ebola is unlikely to be spread via food

Food safety conference

Food industry must quell Ebola fears

By Laurence Gibbons

The UK food and drink industry must communicate to the public that the risk of people contracting the deadly Ebola virus from food is unlikely.

Tesco admitted some of its pork sausages contained chicken

Tesco admits pork sausages contained chicken

By Michael Stones

Tesco has admitted batches of its pork sausages contained chicken, along with two other incidents of what it termed “crossover”, where products were found to contain meats not specified on the label.

Food safety conference – in quotes

Food Safety conference

Food safety conference captured in quotes

By Michael Stones

The effectiveness role of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in promoting food safety and detecting food fraud – such as the horsemeat crisis – plus the urgent need to tackle campylobacter food poisoning took centre stage at Food Manufacture’s Food Safety...

The horsemeat crisis could carry the seeds of the next big food fraud, said FSA boss Andrew Rhodes

Food safety conference

Horsemeat crisis to spark next food fraud, says FSA

By Michael Stones

The next major food fraud crisis may arise from the shortages of premium meat cuts sparked by the horsemeat scandal, warns the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Fewer food inspections should not compromise food safety, said the FSA's Andrew Rhodes

Food safety conference

Food safety not threatened by budget cuts: FSA

By Mike Stones

Budget cuts are leading to fewer food inspections but food safety should not be compromised, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Top Unilever scientist René Crevel will deliver the latest thinking on allergens at Food Manufacture's Food Safety Conference on Thursday October 17 2013 at the National Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham

Unilever joins Food Manufacture’s Food Safety Conference

By Mike Stones

The latest thinking on allergens will come under the spotlight at Food Manufacture’s Food Safety Conference on Thursday October 17 2013 at the National Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham, courtesy of a top Unilever scientist.


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