When so much is at stake, why is this crucial piece of the puzzle ignored? Credit: Getty/Adam Gault

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M&A: Going beyond the balance sheets

By Martyn King

Martyn King of management consultancy Chasm Ltd explores the role of operational due diligence when buying, selling or managing multiple sites.

What did the food and drink sector make of the Spring Budget 2024? Getty/stocknshares


Food sector reacts to 2024 Spring Budget

By Bethan Grylls

Wednesday 6 March 2024 saw the UK Chancellor announcing the 2024 Spring Budget; while many welcomed the alcohol duty news, others were left disappointed at its lack of attention to small to medium businesses.

Profits froze for food manufacturers in q$ 2023. Image: Getty, Yevtony


Profits freeze for food manufacturers

By Gwen Ridler

Food was the only manufacturing category to see profitability stall over the ‘crucial’ Christmas period, according to inventory management software brand Unleashed latest Manufacturer’s Health Index.

The poultry supplier expects its restructure to be complete within the 2023/24 financial year. Credit: Avara Foods


Avara Foods reports pre-tax loss of £12.3m

By William Dodds

UK poultry supplier Avara Foods has reported a pre-tax loss of £12.3m for the financial year ending 31 May 2023, but increased turnover to more than £1.5bn.

Naomi Ikeda, R&D tax incentives senior manager at Ayming, explores key funding opportunities for British agri-food companies. Credit: Getty/andreswd

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Financing the future of food

By Naomi Ikeda

The UK relies on its agri-food sector to feed the nation, but the sector is currently choking on a concerning combination of geopolitical and environmental hazards. British businesses must keep close to new and so far, underutilised, opportunities.

Manufacturers remain optimistic despite many admitting to increasing prices in the face of cost pressures Image: Getty, gerenme


Manufacturers remain optimistic in the face of cost pressures

By Gwen Ridler

More than two thirds (68%) of food and drink businesses are optimistic about future growth, despite costs continuing to be a significant challenge, according to a survey by accountancy and business advisory firm Johnston Carmichael.

The Princes brand makes a range of products including tinned tuna. Credit: Getty / bajker


Princes suffers £50.7m loss in 2022/23

By William Dodds

Food and drink manufacturer Princes suffered a pre-tax loss of £50.7m, its financial results for the 12 months to 31 March 2023 confirm.

Low on cash? There's still ways you can invest in new machinery! Image: Getty, Monty Rakusen

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Investing in machinery on a shoestring budget

By Gwen Ridler

Food Manufacture explores ways that cash-strapped businesses can invest in new plant and machinery on a budget and some of the programmes available to them to support the next stage in their growth.

As 2024 looms, our editor highlights several key moments of 2023. Credit: Getty/smshoot

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7 big moments of 2023 for food and drink

By Bethan Grylls

As we usher in the new year, Bethan Grylls takes a look back over the course of 2023 and flags seven key moments for the food and drink industry.

AIB Foods has secured a seven-figure funding package from HSBC UK


AIB Foods secures funding boost from HSBC UK

By Gwen Ridler

Wolverhampton-based importer and manufacturer of ingredients and snacks AIB Foods has secured a seven-figure funding package to support new product development and meet demand from national retailers.


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