Fatty Acid

Judy Buttriss, director general, British Nutrition Foundation

Coconut wake-up call

By Judy Buttriss

Coconut products are everywhere, but do consumers realise how rich many of these can be in saturated fat?

Scottish rapeseed oil is poised for growth

Scotland's rapeseed oil sector poised for growth

By Nicholas Robinson

Scotland’s rapeseed oil industry is expected to see significant growth in the coming years, following a joint campaign between processors and scientists from Queen Margaret University, near Edinburgh, to promote the oil’s health benefits.

From left to right: Bradley, Wilson, who is retiring, and Stairs

Speciality supplier Golden Acre nets seafood firm

By Rod Addy

Speciality seafood firm Elsinore Foods has announced its acquisition by fine food distributor Golden Acre Dairy Foods Holdings in a move that expands the latter’s product offering for major supermarkets.

Fat in foods should be praised

It's time to give fat in food a good press

By Clare Cheney

Fat in food doesn’t always get a bad press. A recent headline in The Times on October 23 read: ‘Butter is good for you, says heart doctor’. This must have been music to the ears of the dairy industry. The first sentence of the column even recommended...

Seafish wants to get children eating fish in their early years

New schools’ project promotes eating fish

By Andrew Williams

Seafish, the UK’s authority on seafood, is hoping to net the next generation of fish eaters early, with a new schools’ education programme aimed at three-to-five-year-olds.

Just Crisps reports significant growth of products, which are fried in cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil

Fat rewards for healthy crisp makers

By Rod Addy

Crisp makers are hitting back at their unhealthy image with new varieties of crisp substituting traditional oils such as sunflower oil with alternatives that are much lower in saturated fats.

Clare Cheney

We're all going to die: don't blame red meat

By Clare Cheney

"Red meat is not only unhealthy but can be positively lethal," according to new research.This was the opening sentence of an article in The Times in March. It was reporting on the latest meat-eating health scare, which was generated by a paper...

New 'body shaping' foods to hit UK in 2011

New 'body shaping' foods to hit UK in 2011

By Elaine Watson

New functional foods on a body-shaping platform could hit UK supermarkets late next year now that a fat-busting ingredient derived from safflowers has been given an initial safety thumbs up from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).


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