The status of eggs in 2021: Noble Foods interview

The status of eggs in 2021: Noble Foods interview

By Gwen Ridler

Exports, supply of labour and the future of egg replacement products were some of the key developments discussed with agriculture director at Noble Foods Graham Atkinson in this exclusive interview.

The Food Standards Agency has added 26 more products to its list of food items recalled due to fipronil contamination

Egg scandal forces recall of another 26 products

By Gwen Ridler

A further 26 food products have been recalled because of the fipronil-contaminated imported egg scandal, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), bringing the total number of products withdrawn from sale because of the insecticide to 65.

Eight cake mix products were recalled over fipronil contamination fears

Eggs scandal

Fipronil in eggs: Eight cake mix products recalled

By Matt Atherton

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed eight cake mix product recalls over fears that eggs used in their manufacturing have been contaminated with the insecticide fipronil, taking the total number of recalls to nearly 40 products.

The Food Standards Agency has issued guidelines to curb the spread of fipronil-contaminated eggs

FSA reveals new contaminated egg guidelines

By Gwen Ridler

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued fresh guidelines to guard against the risk of imported eggs contaminated with the insecticide fipronil, as it added six new products to the list of products recalled so far.

The FSA has revealed 14 recalls prompted by fears the products were produced with imported liquid eggs contaminated with fipronil

Egg contamination spreads to liquid egg products

By Matt Atherton

The probe into imported egg products contaminated with the insecticide has spread to food products made with imported liquid eggs, manufacturers have been warned, after Professor Chris Elliott predicted an intensification of the scandal last week.

Raw and lightly cooked eggs deemed safe by a new report

Runny eggs safer than thought: new research

By Gwen Ridler

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) could change its advice on eating raw and runny eggs, after a report identified a big reduction in the risk of salmonella from UK hens’ eggs.

Emulsifiers and stabilisers are being used to reduce fat and thicken products

Food firms seek a high-fat feel

By Nicholas Robinson

Making low-fat versions of high-fat food and drink is something scientists will strive to do better, despite criticism, says Nicholas Robinson

Hard boiled egg and egg mayonnaise are just some of the products made by Bumble Hole Foods

Egg products firm shells out on upgrade

By Rod Addy

Egg mayonnaise to hard-boiled egg processor Bumble Hole Foods has cracked open its coffers to pay £3M on upgrading its manufacturing facilities.

Gels help cut sugar in sweets

New gel, new possibilities

By Lorraine Mullaney

Gelatine and collagen peptides manufacturer Rousselot is promising new functional possibilities for food manufacturers that take up its newly launched Synergy Systems range of gelatine-based functional solutions.

Salmonella in UK eggs has been ‘effectively eradicated’ by the British Lion Scheme: BEIC

British Lion scheme helps ‘eradicate salmonella’ in eggs: report

By Laurence Gibbons

New research shows that the British Lion scheme has “effectively eradicated salmonella in UK eggs” and highlights the importance of buying eggs produced from birds that comply with EU rules, claims the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC).

Eggasperating: the government is powerless to prevent egg imports which do not comply with new welfare rules

Premier signs egg pledge as Whitehall ‘chickens out’

By Mike Stones

The UK’s biggest food firm Premier Foods has pledged to source only eggs and egg products which comply with new EU welfare rules, which come into force next month, as the government was accused of ‘chickening out’ on its promise to protect UK producers.


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