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Gels help cut sugar in sweets
Gels help cut sugar in sweets
Gelatine and collagen peptides manufacturer Rousselot is promising new functional possibilities for food manufacturers that take up its newly launched Synergy Systems range of gelatine-based functional solutions.

The Synergy Systems are made of different types of gelatine or a gelatine and other ingredients, such as pectin, that work synergistically. This means the functionality of each gelatine and each other ingredient is boosted, which offers manufacturers product development opportunities.


They can improve texture, stability, or emulsification, for example. The Synergy Systems also enable producers to enhance taste and introduce exciting new flavour varieties.

The Synergy Systems range includes Rousselot AcidoGel. This gelling agent enables the manufacture of stable acid marshmallows. This means new flavours can be created, such as intense fruit flavours with strong flavour release.

Rousselot NeutralGel plays the role of bulking and texturing agent, while delivering the desired mouthfeel for reduced sugar marshmallows or gummies.

Rousselot ResistaGel is designed to ensure continued quality in confectionery that is used or produced in warm climate conditions.

'Replace most common emulsifers'

Rousselot EmulsiGel is designed to boost the emulsifying and stabilising action in oil-in-water emulsions. Rousselot says it can replace most of the common emulsifers such as lecithin, mono and diglyceride esters.

With the emulsifying capacity and stability usually conferred by using egg yolk, it is said to make an egg-free mayonnaise with a similar quality, taste and texture to traditional mayonnaise.

It can also be used with dairy mousses, ice cream, soups and baked food and in oil-in-water emulsions such as spreads, sauces and dressings.

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