Donald Trump

The British Poultry Council opposed a bilateral trade deal with the US, which would allow chlorine-washed chicken to be imported into the UK

BPC rejects chlorine-washed chicken trade deal

By Matt Atherton

A bilateral trade deal between the US and UK, allowing the import of chlorine-washed chickens after Brexit, has been opposed by the British Poultry Council (BPC).

Donald Trump is to become the 45th US president

Trump wins US election on ‘Brexit, plus, plus, plus’ platform

By Michael Stones

Billionaire property tycoon Donald Trump is to become the 45th US president – in a shock election victory, after pledging a “Brexit, plus, plus plus” to “Make America great again” – leading critics to question the impact of his presidency on world trade...

BrewDog boss James Watt has offered Donald Trump some shares in his business

BrewDog attacks Trump and offers him shares

By Laurence Gibbons

Scottish craft beer brewer BrewDog has offered US presidential candidate Donald Trump shares in the company to quit politics in a witty open letter that attacked the outspoken US billionaire.


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