Docosahexaenoic Acid

Krill oil supplier Aker BioMarine was testing for DHA and EPA levels

Omega-3 test reveals deficiency threats

By Noli Dinkovski

Norwegian krill supplier Aker BioMarine used last month’s Health Ingredients Europe show to raise awareness of the “serious and costly” implications of being omega-3 deficient.

Oil baron

Oil baron

By Rod Addy

Health conscious consumers must weigh up whether they get omega 3 (O-3) from fortified food or supplements. Martin Jamieson, president and chief executive of Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC), which claims to be the world's largest O-3 ingredient supplier,...

Newer, cheaper, DHA

Newer, cheaper, DHA

DHA, the most sought after long chain omega-3 fatty acid, could become far more widely used in the food industry following the launch of a low-cost,...

Fishy taste that's hard to swallow

Fishy taste that's hard to swallow

By Sarah Britton

People aren't eating anywhere near enough fish to meet their omega-3 needs. Sarah Britton looks at what food processors are doing to help

Seaweed: the great fibre provider

Seaweed: the great fibre provider

By Elaine Watson

Soft drinks and bread fortified with fibrous seaweed extracts could hit UK supermarket shelves next year following collaborations between...


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