Colouring foods: WFSI’s range is made from a variety of fruit and vegetable extracts

Pumpkin and carrot extracts added to colouring range

By Noli Dinkovski

A pumpkin extract and a special carrot variety are the two new additions to a range of natural colouring foods from Wild Flavors & Specialty Ingredients (WFSI), a division of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).

The powder is designed to be used in chocolate ice cream, drinks and desserts

Cocoa powder range gets an ‘intense’ addition

By Noli Dinkovski

A cocoa powder range has been boosted by the addition of a new “intense” dark red variant that, according to its maker, is the only colour of its kind available on the market.

Lavender and pink are new

Five new colours are the icing on the cake

Renshaw launched five new colours to its range of Ready to Roll icings last month: Tropical Coral, Raspberry Pink, Powder Blue, Emerald Green, and Dusky Lavender.

Swiss food firm uses potato as natural pink colouring

Potato with pink promise

Swiss food colouring manufacturer, Wild Flavors, is using the purple sweet potato as a natural source of pink and violet food colouring.

Confectionery firms' bright colours without higher dose levels

Bright natural colours without higher dose levels

Sensient Food Colors Europe has launched a range of high-load natural colours for pan-coated sweets that achieve bright, attractive colour shades without needing higher dose levels to match the performance of their synthetic counterparts.

Food and drink colourant cost cutting option

High-intensity colour cuts costs

LycoRed's beta-carotene colourant formulations Lyc-O-Beta Intense and BetaCote Intense deliver more colour intensity enabling lower colourant usage in food and drink.

New natural colouring agent for confectionery

'Natural' blue colour originates from spirulina

Chr Hansen has launched a 'natural' blue shade of colourant that can be used in the manufacture of confectionery or chewing gum in the US. The colourant is based on spirulina: a blue-green algae that occurs naturally in tropical and sub-tropical...

Natural colours see new reds

Natural colours see new reds

Doehler has added red hues called Red Brilliance to its natural colour range. The colouring concentrates are produced from black carrots at Doehler's plant in Akkent, Turkey and meet clean-label requirements for food and drink applications.

Natural shades that won't migrate in dairy

Natural shades that won't migrate in dairy

LycoRed has launched a range of natural, vegetarian, red and orange colours with non-migrating properties for fruit preparation. The new line is based on tomato lycopene and natural beta-carotene and covers a full-spectrum of colour possibilities from...


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