Protesters descended on 2 Sisters Scunthorpe

Protestors picket poultry production plant

By Gwen Ridler

Animal rights activists protested outside 2 Sisters Food Group’s Scunthorpe factory earlier this week, in their second round of action in the past month.

KFC restaurants throughout the country have been closed due to supply issues

GMB blames KFC for chicken shortage fiasco

By Aidan Fortune

Workers’ union GMB has slammed fast food chain KFC over its decision to switch distributor, which led to the temporary closure of shops around the country.

Campylobacter contamination in chicken has been reduced to 6.5% in the highest bracket of contamination; down from 9.3%

Poultry firms’ campylobactor investment ‘pays off’

By Matt Atherton

Poultry processors’ and retailers’ investments in curbing campylobacter were paying off, said the Food Standards Agency (FSA), after its latest retail survey revealed the highest band of contamination in fresh chicken had fallen to 6.5%.

The fall in campylobacter infections was estimated to have saved the economy more than £13M

Campylobacter results welcomed by consumer group

By Michael Stones

The results of the latest campylobacter survey, revealing a drop of more than 100,000 human cases of the food poisoning infection, have been welcomed by consumer group Which?

Jeff Donald, Marel Poultry UK area sales manager (2nd left) seals the deal for the broiler processing kit with Maelor Foods's owner Raj Mehta (centre)

Maelor opens new chicken plant

By Rick Pendrous

Maelor Foods, part of Salisbury Poultry (Midlands), has selected equipment from Marel Poultry for use within the company’s brand new plant located at Wrexham in north Wales.

Answering camplyobacter questions (l to r) Rod Addy, Richard Griffiths, Jeremy Hall and Mike Stones

Foodex 2016

Campylobacter ‘needs multiple interventions’: expert panel

By Rick Pendrous

No silver bullet exists to stem high levels of the food poisoning bug campylobacter in contaminated fresh chicken in the food supply chain and “multiple interventions” will be required to reduce the risk, according to a panel of experts.

Chicken is getting safer as campylobacter interventions are working

Food industry ‘winning fight against campylobacter’

By Laurence Gibbons

The food industry is winning the fight against campylobacter – the most common cause of food poisoning – as the presence of campylobacter in supermarket chickens continues to fall, according to the latest data released by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The campylobacter death toll demanded urgent industry action, said the industry insider

Campylobacter death toll ‘demands action’: industry insider

By Michael Stones

The death toll from campylobacter food poisoning demands urgent industry action, a key industry insider has told this website, after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed a big increase in contamination levels last week.

Treating carcasses with steam and ultrasound decontaminates chicken

Danish poultry sector steps up to stem campylobacter

By Rick Pendrous

The UK could learn some lessons from the Danish experience as its poultry sector seeks to stem soaring levels of the bacterium campylobacter in the food chain.‘Quote marks’“Double quote”

Chickens are a key reservoir for Campylobacter

FSA study aims to cut poultry Campylobacter

By Freddie Dawson

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) aims to cut campylobacteriosis by commissioning research to trace the sources of Campylobacter infection – often linked to poultry.

Eggsasperated by unfair competition, the government is considering banning imported eggs that do not meet new welfare standards

Government threatens EU egg ban

By Graham Holter

The government says it has not ruled out a ban on imported eggs that do not comply with new welfare standards.

ASA has refused to scratch a free-range egg advert

Chariots of Fire scored egg advert OK with ASA

By Ben Bouckley

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected numerous consumer complaints about a television advert for free-range eggs, which involved chickens running around fields to the theme music from film Chariots of Fire.

Deal or no deal?

Deal or no deal?

By Rick Pendrous

Dutch food giant Vion remained tight-lipped on its rumoured purchase of the UK’s Grampian Country Food Group - a deal reportedly worth £350M - as...

Brazil's chicken run

Brazil's chicken run

By Rick Pendrous

Brazil's poultry processors face misrepresentation, bird flu, political issues and trade disputes, but are still managing to expand and grow, as Rick Pendrous discovers