TRACE looked at the impact of sleep deprivation and exercise on allergy attacks

Stress makes allergic reactions worse

By Rick Pendrous

Sleep deprivation and exercise can make peanut allergy sufferers vulnerable to more severe life-threatening anaphylaxis attacks, according to the latest results of a research project, which have yet to be published.

Portion sizes: ‘A 500g [gluten-free] ready meal could actually have a lot of gluten’

Sainsbury calls for agreed allergen threshold limits

By Rick Pendrous

Sainsbury’s head of analytical testing has called for agreement on threshold limits for the presence of allergens in food and drink to provide reassurance to food manufacturers, retailers and, most importantly, consumers about the risk of allergic reactions.

Consumers' changing expectations about product labelling is having a big impact on manufacturers and retailers

Food allergens: the cost of inaccurate reporting

By Mark Thomson

The rapid change in consumer expectations when it comes to product labelling has had a palpable effect on retailers and is changing the way the food and drinks manufacturing industry is operating.

Processed meat linked to exacerbating asthma symptoms (Flickr/Andrew Malone)

Processed meat linked to aggravating asthma

By Matt Atherton

Research linking processed meat and asthma needs more evidence, claimed the Provision Trade Federation (PTF) and Asthma UK, after scientists reported the link this week (December 20).

A peanut protein level of 1.5g will be safe for 95% of the population

‘May contain’ labels to be reassessed

By Rick Pendrous

‘May contain’ precautionary labelling of foods for the accidental presence of allergens could become far more useful for those suffering allergies, as scientists develop a “risk management toolbox” for industry, covering threshold dose allergen action...

Allergen labelling has been slammed as 'a complete muddle' by Dr Lisa Ackerley

Allergen labels are ‘complete muddle’

By Rick Pendrous

The “complete muddle” surrounding allergen labelling is contributing to the rising number of food recalls attributed to unlisted allergens, according to a leading food safety expert.

Sainsbury recalled its British Lamb Shish Kebabs, after some were found to contain beef

Food recalls sparked by salmonella, milk and beef

By Michael Stones

Food safety recalls have been sparked this week by salmonella contaminating paprika, beef in Sainsbury’s lamb kebab packets and undeclared milk in confectionery and United Biscuits’ waffles.

Peanut allergies: anaphylactic shock can be life-threatening

Self-diagnosed intolerance may harm clinical allergy sufferers

By Rick Pendrous

The explosive growth in people “self-diagnosed” as suffering from food intolerances and those avoiding certain nutrients, such as gluten and dairy, for lifestyle reasons could be harmful, the head of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, which represents those with...

Almond allergies could present a big risk

Almond presents an unknown allergen risk

By Nicholas Robinson

Almonds could present a huge allergen threat to people but the full extent of the risk is unknown because of the lack of data on their allergenic properties, according to a leading scientist.

Menus will have to clarify which items contain the 14 foods most commonly sparking an allergic reaction

Foodservice faces £200M bill for new allergen rules

By Rod Addy

Changes to food allergen rules could cost £200M for foodservice operators, with smaller businesses among those set to struggle the most, according to the British Hospitality Association (BHA).

From December 13, waiters will need to inform customers about allergens in the food

Caterers need individually wrapped free-from foods

By Rick Pendrous

Individually wrapped portions of free-from foods will be needed in restaurants and other catering outlets to meet increasing numbers of consumers with allergies and food intolerances, a leading expert has claimed.

Food manufacturers should act now to avoid the new rules governing the handling and labelling of food allergens forcing up the number of food alerts issued by the Food Standards Agency

New guidance for manufacturers on managing allergens

By Rick Pendrous

New rules governing the handling and labelling of food allergens, which come into force later this year, could drive up the number of food alerts issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), unless manufacturers and others take urgent action.

The new international study aims to establish a standardised approach to allergen management

World’s largest food allergy study launched

By Rick Pendrous

An international study into food allergies has been launched which hopes to establish a standardised approach to allergen management for companies involved in food manufacturing.

Reducing the use of 'may contain' labels will boost confidence in them

'May contain' allergen labels will be more consistent

By Rick Pendrous

'May contain' allergen information displayed on food packs will become less prevalent and more consistently used across the EU over the next couple of years as work by experts in the field comes to fruition.

Allergen thresholds could become available within two years

Food safety allergen thresholds by 2014: Unilever

By Rick Pendrous

Allergen thresholds that food manufacturers can use to ensure safe production within factories and for improved product labelling could become a reality within two years, a Uniliever expert has claimed.

Food labs gear up for allergen tests

Food labs gear up for allergen tests

By Rick Pendrous

Independent food laboratories are gearing up to meet increasing demand for their services from manufacturers and retailers as incidents related to allergens in foods increase.

FDF seeks to curb excessive 'may contains' labelling

FDF seeks to curb excessive 'may contains' labelling

By Elaine Watson

The Food and Drink Federation’s (FDF’s) allergens steering group has published a paper setting out a best practice approach to allergen management that aims to tackle excessive ‘may contains’ labelling.

May contain ...

May contain ...

By Elaine Watson

Would thresholds for adventitious presence of soy, nuts and sesame make allergen management any easier for manufacturers? Elaine Watson reports

Time to review your allergen controls

Time to review your allergen controls

Despite the requirements for allergen labelling coming into force three years ago, we still see regular food alerts and recalls due to lack of...

Allergic response

Allergic response

By Michelle Knott

With product recalls for adventitious allergen contamination on the rise, Michelle Knott examines how firms are testing foods to ensure they are clear

Industry targets food intolerant consumers

Industry targets food intolerant consumers

By Rick Pendrous

Manufacturers and retailers are beginning to target huge numbers of people who consider themselves intolerant to certain foodstuffs by conducting...

Allergens fiasco?

Allergens fiasco?

As we approach November 25, the final compliance date for allergen labelling (with exceptions) according to Directive 2003/89, further confusion is...


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