Drivers unloading their deliveries should be paid extra for the work: FTA

Drivers unloading lorries should be paid more: FTA

By Gwen Ridler

Delivery drivers should be paid more to load and unload lorries, said the Freight Transport association (FTA), after discount retailers Aldi and Lidl were criticised for requiring divers to take on warehouse duties.

Rick Pendrous: the Unilever/Tesco Marmite row is a sign for things to come

Marmite and Toblerone point to trouble ahead

By Rick Pendrous

The recent spat between Unilever and Britain’s biggest retailer Tesco over the Marmite brand owner’s attempt to raise its price, was a clear sign of things to come in life after the Brexit vote.

German discounter Aldi drew praise for buying British

Farmers praise German retailer's British lamb policy

By Michael Stones

The National Farmers Union (NFU) has praised German discount chain Aldi’s policy of selling exclusively fresh British lamb this Easter, ahead of a farmers’ protest about low prices in London yesterday (March 23).

Aldi is in the sights of the multiples

Multiples take the battle to the LADs

By Rick Pendrous

Aldi is beginning to face stiffer competition from fellow limited assortment discounter (LAD) Lidl and from the value-based multiples Tesco and Morrisons, according to city analysts.

R&R's Mike Fraine: 'Brands have got to become more effective'

Food brand owners should respond to own-label

By Rick Pendrous

Branded food and drink companies will be forced by the inexorable growth in supermarket own-label sales to re-establish consumer trust in their propositions as they lose market share, according to own-label manufacturers.

Aldi's and Lidl's fast growth could be their downfall

Aldi and Lidl on a path to destruction?

By Nicholas Robinson

Discounters Aldi and Lidl could be on a path to destruction, potentially becoming “the person they tried to beat”, if their growth is mismanaged, leading city analysts have warned.

Discounters show 'transparent pricing', said Garner (front, third from left)

Business Leaders' Forum

Retailer promotions in the firing line

By Rick Pendrous

Food and drink manufacturers face big challenges during 2015 as the multiple supermarkets adopt new business models to fight back against hard discounters such as Aldi and Lidl.

Aldi was easy to deal with, said Stirling

Scotland’s Stirfresh nails £250,000 Aldi deal

By Rod Addy

Fruit and veg company Stirfresh has signed a contract worth £250,000 annually to supply 58 Aldi stores in Scotland, claiming that clinching the deal was refreshingly easy.

Aldi ran similar ads in March 2014, which the ASA banned

Tesco crushes Aldi ad wooing supermarket shoppers

By Rod Addy

Tesco has quashed an Aldi marketing campaign aimed at poaching supermarket shoppers after complaining about its ‘Swap and Save’ adverts to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Shoppers can make significant savings off the back of the supermarket price war

Sainsbury and Asda launch price offensive

By Rod Addy

Sainsbury and Asda have announced massive price cuts less than a week into the New Year as the traditional supermarkets continue to feel the menace of discounters Aldi and Lidl.

Aldi said the contamination was an 'isolated incident'

German source for Aldi salmonella chocs

By Rod Addy

The chocolates contaminated by salmonella, which Aldi recalled at the end of last week, came from a German manufacturer, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has confirmed.

Thin end of the organic veg? Organic food could become the next cut price battleground

Aldi’s organics entry could cause a price war

By Nicholas Robinson

Organic food could become the next battleground in the supermarket price war, Helen Browning, chief executive of the Soil Association, has warned after Aldi’s move into the sector.

Aldi bosses Roman Heini (left) and Matthew Barnes want shoppers to do their entire weekly shop at their discount stores

Aldi launches new organic range in upmarket bid

By Michael Stones

Discount retailer Aldi has launched what it claims is an affordable range of organic products that will help customers save 25% on their normal British organic basket, as the store continued its drive to offer upmarket products.

Aldi bosses Roman Heini (left) and Matthew Barnes (right) celebrate a 65% increase in profits

Aldi’s caviar plan to catch wealthy shoppers

By Nicholas Robinson

Aldi will attack the premium end of the food market by targeting wealthy consumers this Christmas, bosses have said, after announcing a 65% increase in its UK profits to £260.9M.

Food suppliers could learn powerful lessons from discounters such as Aldi

Food suppliers must learn from discounters

By Rick Pendrous

Food and drink suppliers should use insights from the success of hard discounters Aldi, Lidl and Poundland to boost their own retail prospects, a category management specialist has claimed. believes the lizard was a Common lizard

Lizard found in Aldi cucumber

By Nicholas Robinson

A customer was shocked to find a dead lizard in the 39p vacuum packed cucumber she bought from Aldi’s Cowes store on the Isle of Wight.

The discounters are likely to face increased costs: Rick Pendrous

Discounters' costs will increase as they grow

By Rick Pendrous

News that supermarket chain Sainsbury had entered into a £25M joint venture (jv) with Dansk Supermarked to establish 15 Netto stores across the UK was further evidence that the major multiples recognised they needed to do more to address the inexorable...

Netto is to return to the UK later this year, after agreeing a joint venture with Sainsbury

Sainsbury and Netto join forces to take on discounters

By Nicholas Robinson

Early discounter Netto will be returning to Britain next year in a £25M joint venture with Sainsbury, to take on Aldi and Lidl, whose cut price offers have revolutionised the UK grocery market.

The leading supermarkets’ Christmas sales were hit by a triple whammy, said Nielsen

Supermarket Christmas sales ‘hit by triple whammy’

By Michael Stones

Supermarkets’ Christmas sales were hit by a triple whammy – leading to the lowest sales growth for at least seven years – while discounters Lidl and Aldi boosted their takings, according to market research company Nielsen.

Top of the frozen food tree

Top of the frozen food tree

By Rick Pendrous

Hard discounter Aldi took the top prize for Retail Product of the Year, while McCain Foods won Catering Product of the Year at this year's British Frozen Food Federation's (BFFF's) Gala Dinner held in London last month.

Chills but no frills

Chills but no frills

Sarah Britton finds out what the German market holds for manufacturers


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