Unilever will pull advertising from Facebook and Google is they don't work to remove toxic online content

Unilever to drop advertising on toxic online platforms

By Gwen Ridler

Marmite owner Unilever has threatened to pull advertising from online platforms such as Facebook and Google if they fail to protect children or create division in society and promote anger or hate.

The BMA has called for health warnings to be introduced on sugary food packaging

‘More work needed’ after kids’ sugary food ad ban

By Matt Atherton

The ban on adverts for foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) was only the first step in reducing childhood obesity, claimed pressure group Sustain, while doctors have called for health warnings on sugary food packaging.

Advertising watchdog ASA has banned an ad for Arla organic milk

‘Misleading’ Arla milk ad banned

By Gwen Ridler

An advert for Arla organic farm milk has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), after it ruled the advert contained misleading environmental claims.

The ASA banned two of Organic Burst's adverts for unauthorised health claims

Regulator bans two ‘superfood’ adverts

By Gwen Ridler

Two adverts for food products and supplements have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), because they featured unauthorised health claims.

Junk food advertising has been banned across all children's media

Children’s ‘junk food’ ad ban hailed by FDF

By Matt Atherton

The decision to ban ‘junk food’ advertising across all children’s media, in a bid to tackle childhood obesity, has been welcomed by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Joe Charman featured in a Hooch advert that was banned

ASA bans Hooch advert for appealing to under-18s

By Matt Atherton

A Hooch advert featuring social media star Joe Charman has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), after it ruled the juvenile behaviour depicted in the ad would appeal to under-18s.

Sprite was accused of sexism in its advertising campaign

Sprite’s ‘brutally refreshing’ ad sparks sexism row

By Matt Atherton

Sprite’s latest advertising campaign sparked claims of sexism on social media, after the brand used slogans including ‘She’s seen more ceilings than Michelangelo’, and ‘You’re not popular, you’re eas’”.

Not for children: a ban on online advertising to children is moving closer

Online ads to kids set to fall under TV rules

By Noli Dinkovski

The advertising of foods high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) to children online has moved a step nearer to falling under the same restrictions as TV advertising after it was revealed that a public consultation was being prepared.

Food and drink brands loved by Brits

Most loved food and drink brands

By Laurence Gibbons

Three food brands make up the top five most loved brands by British consumers, according to a poll by advertising agency Isobel.

Morrisons underestimated the demand the promotion would generate

Morrisons wine offer scores own-goal

By Rod Addy

A Morrisons wine promotion provoked outrage from shoppers after it failed to meet the demand it had created, provoking a reprimand from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Camerons said its reputation had been unfairly tarnished by a false association with the banned advert

Brewery denies responsibility for Facebook sex ad

By Michael Stones

A brewery boss has complained to this website his firm’s reputation had been unfairly tarnished by a Facebook advert banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for foul language, sexual references and drunkenness.

The ASA ruled the Facebook advert should not appear in its current form

Sex, drunkenness and foul language result in ad ban

By Michael Stones

A Facebook advert attributed to Camerons Brewery, trading as the bar Trocaderos South Shields, has been banned after complaints about its foul language and invitations to drunkenness and promiscuous sexual behaviour, according to the Advertising Standards...

An online Ribena brand has been banned for misleading consumers

Ribena advert banned for misleading health claims

By Laurence Gibbons

An online Ribena advert has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for making exaggerated and misleading health claims about the benefits of the drink.

Morrisons' spirits ad on YouTube had not been targeted responsibly, ruled the ASA

Morrisons criticised for YouTube alcohol advert

By Michael Stones

Morrisons has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), after its video advertisement, broadcast during a series of children’s nursery rhymes on YouTube, featured images of spirit bottles with the voice-over “These litre bottles of spirits...

Aldi claimed its advert had not been intended as an exact price comparison exercise

Aldi stung by Asda ad complaint

By Rod Addy

An Aldi ad has been banned for being misleading after rival grocery retailer Asda complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Lucozade used images of sports stars in its ad campaign

Sports drink ad claims attacked

By Rod Addy

A Lucozade Sport ad campaign has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for falling foul of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claims rules.

The advertising watchdog upheld complaints about one advert in Unilever's Piri Piri Pot Noodle Facebook campaign but rejected two others

Unilever slammed for ‘offensive’ Facebook noodle advert

By Mike Stones

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that Unilever cannot use one of its Piri Piri Pot Noodle online adverts in its current form and ordered the firm not to use “offensive images” in future.

Heineken claimed its advert was intended to be humourous fantasy, not reality

Heineken ad banned for condoning illegal drinking

By Rod Addy

Heineken was accused of condoning illegal drinking through a recent TV ad that depicted alcohol consumption within sight of a football pitch and bringing glass bottles into a football stadium.

A TV advert ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken drew the most complaints in the ASA's 50-year history

Advertising agency reveals most complained about ad

By Mike Stones

The nation’s most complained about advert in the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA’s) 50-year history featured Kentucky Fried Chicken, according to its annual report published today (May 30).

Premiership football star Rio Ferdinand write messages about the Snickers bar on his Twitter page

Mars given ASA all-clear in Rio Ferdinand Twitter row

By Dan Colombini

Chocolate manufacturer Mars has been given the all-clear from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after the watchdog judged Twitter endorsements from Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand and glamour model Kate Price to be “acceptable”.

Firms have six months to comply to a 'yes'

Break health claims law 'at your peril'

By Freddie Dawson

Manufacturers must review any health claims they make – on TV, in products, print advertising, and online – over the coming eight months or risk falling foul of new EU legislation, experts have warned.

Premier wins gravy fight with Unilever

Premier wins gravy fight with Unilever

By Anne Bruce

Premier Foods has won a spat with rival Unilever, after the latter claimed in adverts that its Knorr gravy tasted better than Premier’s Bisto brand.

Daivd Beckham: Pepsi's YouTube video of the football icon is indicative of a growing trend

Large brands boost online advertising spend

By Rick Pendrous

Major brand owners such as Coca-Cola, Mars and Unilever are increasing their marketing spend on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to interact directly with consumers using smartphones, while small firms are also upping their...

Web health claims likely target in UK online crackdown

Web health claims likely target in UK online crackdown

By Shane Starling

New Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) powers to monitor and adjudicate on online marketing materials will place web-based messaging for healthy foods under serious scrutiny for the first time, with many likely to fall foul of the agency’s guidelines,...

Full omega-3 study held up

Full omega-3 study held up

By Elaine Watson

Lack of funding stalls trial into effects of omega-3 supplements on all children

Advertising shapes up

Advertising shapes up

Manufacturers must act quickly if they are to influence new regulations governing junk food advertising to children, says Rafi Azim-Khan

Sid slugs it out

Sid slugs it out

Attempts by the food industry to squash Sid the Slug's low-salt advertising campaign have failed.The 1.8m tall, animated mollusc was created for the...


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