Packaging materials

Healthy snacks brand Graze adopts a ‘Test & Learn’ approach when it introduces new retail packaging formats

Graze reveals strategy for launching new products

By Paul Gander

As better-for-you-snacks brand Graze prepares to rollout new sharing bag formats, extending its reach from the checkout to central aisles of the supermarket, the company has revealed the ‘Test & Learn’ strategy it follows when introducing new packaging...

Metal contamination sparked a recall of Greencore wraps

Metal contamination sparks Greencore recall

By Gwen Ridler

Convenience food manufacturer Greencore has been forced to recall wraps from three supermarkets, after they were contaminated with small pieces of metal.

At least 50% of CCEP’s bottles will be made from recycled PET by 2025

Coca-Cola sets higher green targets

By Rick Pendrous

A new sustainability action plan covering drinks, packaging and society has been jointly launched by The Coca-Cola Company in western Europe and Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), in a move that is claimed to be the first initiative of its kind.

The EC has yet to authorise recycling processes for food-contact plastics

Plastics recycling suffers from a lack of regulation in the EU

By Paul Gander

European plastics recycling bodies have criticised the European Commission’s (EC’s) delay in conferring legal authorisation on recycling processes for food-contact plastics, nine years on from the initial regulation and despite more than 140 positive...

The precise rate of UK beverage carton recycling remains unclear

UK drinks carton recycling is still low

By Paul Gander

A decade after the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK) began setting up a network of ‘bring’ sites across the UK and persuading local authorities to introduce kerbside collection, neither Tetra Pak nor ACE UK is disclosing the national...

Fears have been raised over enforcement of ‘non-traditional’ trade marks

Fears raised over trade marks rules

By Noli Dinkovski

New European rules thought to offer manufacturers a greater opportunity to register ‘non-traditional’ trade marks may not be as straightforward as first anticipated, a law firm has warned.

Food Ingredients Europe: where ingredients and technology meet

FiE 2017

Where ingredients and technology meet

By Noli Dinkovski

The interplay between packing and processing will be under the spotlight at the at the Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) and Natural Ingredients (Ni) show, which takes place in Frankfurt later this month (November 28–30).

Sustainable and healthy food systems needed


Sustainable and healthy food systems needed

By Rick Pendrous

Some of the world’s biggest food manufacturers and retailers have agreed to simplify food date labels by 2020 in an attempt to reduce the vast quantities of food that is unnecessarily wasted each year.

The packaging industry will continue to give consumers exactly what they want, Waterhouse said

Food Manufacture’s 90th birthday

Food packaging ‘must mirror changing society’

By Matt Atherton

Packaging will continue to mirror the changing needs of society as it has over the past 90 years, says the Packaging Society’s chairman Chris Waterhouse.

Blazes at Abergavenny Fine Foods and Ardagh Glass (pictured) were battled by firefighters in the past week

Fire crews battle blaze at cheese factory

By Gwen Ridler

A blaze at a cheese factory in south Wales was battled by fire crews yesterday morning (August 15), while firefighters tackled a burning food packaging manufacturer at the weekend.

Five producers have around a third of the European corrugated market

Consolidation to continue in European corrugated market

By Gwen Ridler

A new report forecasts that Europe’s fragmented corrugated industry will follow the US through a trajectory of consolidation and vertical integration, matching processes that have taken place with other packaging materials, while others say the UK corrugated...

Cereal manufacturers were 'refusing to be transparent' by avoiding colour-coded front of pack nutrition labels, claimed Action on Sugar

Most manufacturers ‘go beyond labelling obligation’

By Matt Atherton

Most food manufacturers go beyond their legal obligation to provide clear nutrition labelling, says the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), after claims manufacturers were “deliberately deceiving” shoppers by not using colour-coded labels on cereal packaging.

Research on Coca-Cola’s ‘spiral’ Fanta bottle stalled for two years

Caution over consumer insight tests

By Paul Gander

Most brands would agree that some sort of consumer research is necessary when exploring structural packaging choices, but the jury is out on how much importance to attach to different insights and how to balance them against other design criteria.

Packs made from flexible packaging need to be made easier to recycle

European flexibles project stakes a claim in circular economy

By Paul Gander

A consortium of European businesses across the flexible packaging supply chain has set up a new project to “advance better system design solutions” to facilitate recycling, while also developing tools to calculate food waste savings as a part of their...

Coca-Cola European Partners has unveiled in sustainability strategy

Coca-Cola launches sustainable packaging strategy

By Gwen Ridler

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is to double the amount of recycled plastic in all of its bottles by 2020, as part of a new sustainable packaging strategy revealed Wednesday (July 12).

Consumers are often unaware of packaging’s role in reducing waste

Packaging’s role in cutting food losses

By Paul Gander

Alongside its vast array of machinery and materials, May’s Interpack show in Germany intensified the focus on the human and environmental impacts of food waste and the vital role that packaging plays in reducing losses post-harvest, in the supply chain...

Exports were one of the top growth opportunities for food and drink manufacturers

Food manufacturing opportunities revealed in EEF plan

By Matt Atherton

Food and drink manufacturers could increase growth by exporting to emerging markets, and by investing in innovation, according to a sector bulletin by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, and Santander.

Country of origin information for food and drink must be made clearer when shopping online, the NFU said

Product origin labels ‘must be made clearer online’

By Matt Atherton

Country of origin information for food and drink should be displayed by online retailers, just as it is on supermarket shelves, to help shoppers choose British produce, the National Farmers Union (NFU) claims.

Virgin polymer prices have fallen, making recycling less competitive

Food and drink industry plastics recycling ‘needs more support’

By Paul Gander

The plastics packaging supply chain should not only commit to using food-grade recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) in its containers, as some brand-owners already do, but even be required to take a direct financial stake in collection and recycling...

Interpack opens in Düsseldorf, Germany tomorrow

Interpack 2017 showcases innovation

By Rick Pendrous

Interpack 2017, the processing and packaging trade fair which takes place in Düsseldorf in Germany from tomorrow (May 4) until May 10, is expected to beat records in both exhibitor numbers and visitors.

Two-compartment Indian meal tray launched

Product file

Two-compartment Indian meal tray launched

By Rick Pendrous

Chilled ready meals manufacturer Bakkavor Meals, based at Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire, has relaunched its Tesco’s Indian Kitchen Meal for One range in perforated two-compartment trays from supplier Faerch Plast.

HSG installed a digital inkjet press

Digital print can bolster shelf-ready options

By Paul Gander

The benefits of variable digital inkjet printing for transit and shelf-ready packaging (SRP) are now well understood by brands, to the extent that some (for example in the dairy sector) are eager to acquire their own presses for affordable, short-run,...

Research has looked at substituting expanded polystyrene with biomaterials

Why it pays to keep circular economy options open

By Paul Gander

As the EU’s Circular Economy Plan progresses towards full scrutiny by the European Parliament, and food and drink manufacturers ask what precisely the implications will be for their choice of packaging, innovation specialists warn against taking too narrow...

Food and drink packaging innovation will be on show at Pro2Pac

Packaging innovation on show at Pro2Pac

By Rick Pendrous

Innovation in food and drink packaging continues apace and this year’s Pro2Pac show will highlight some of the latest developments.

Wiese: carbonated drinks fillers are looking for new markets and formats

Single-serve PET bottles are now 'small and affordable'

By Paul Gander

One reason why single-serve polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) have not tended to go below a certain size threshold is the ratio of volume to surface area, which makes it difficult to retain carbonation and achieve...

Household food waste has increased to 7.3Mt

Household food waste rises, despite falls elsewhere

By Rick Pendrous

Household food waste reduction targets under the Courtauld Commitment 3 (CC3) – a voluntary agreement aimed at improving resource efficiency and reducing waste within the UK grocery sector – have been missed, despite £100M of business savings being delivered...

Johnnie Walker bottles contain electronic sensors to combat counterfeiting

Counterfeiting to grow by 3% a year

By Rick Pendrous

Counterfeiting across the world is predicted to increase by 3% a year as globalisation creates increasingly complex and lengthy supply chains, according to new research from PMMI, the US Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

BrewDog’s Abstrakt limited edition bottles come with a dipped wax seal

Glass effects support craft alcohol growth

By Paul Gander

The latest bottles to join the busy beer category, in particular, demonstrate how special effects and new options with glass are allowing brand-owners in the growing craft alcohol segment to differentiate their products effectively.

Nutrition labelling of prepacked foods is mandatory from December 13

FoodDrinkEurope welcomes new EU nutrition labelling rule

By Matt Atherton

New mandatory nutrition labelling rules of prepacked food have been welcomed by FoodDrinkEurope, after they came into effect this week (December 13), under the EU’s Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIR).

High-speed heat sealing

High-speed heat sealing of grape punnets

As part of a supermarket packaging change, seedless grape supplier Karsten UK has installed a high-speed heat sealing machine that works with the company’s existing pre-printed film, avoiding the need for any costly redesign.

Tna's VFFS packaging system

VFFS with labeller and inserter

By Rick Pendrous

Tna launched what it claimed was the first high-speed vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) packaging system with integrated labeller and inserter at Pack Expo in Chicago last month (November 6–9).

TCL develops a packaging film suitable for ultra-high cooking temperatures

Ovenable film handles high heat

By Rick Pendrous

A new ovenable high definition printed packaging film suitable for ultra-high cooking temperatures has been added to TCL Packaging’s product range. 

Have you ever suffered from 'package rage' when trying to open packs?

New film options for the Easy-opening of packaged food

By Paul Gander

Film technology is increasingly being deployed to resolve problems of pack openability and inclusivity, with brand-owners keen not to exclude the growing proportion of consumers with limited strength and dexterity.

Technical challenges for the Green Fibre Bottle remain to be overcome

Fibre bottle barrier poses questions

By Paul Gander

Carlsberg’s September unveiling of its latest Green Fibre Bottle design made much of its potential contribution towards sustainability, but little emerged about the technical challenges involved in engineering adequate levels of barrier in this type of...