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Putting worker safety first. Food Manufacture hears about the unseen dangers of refrigeration gas leaks and the benefits of new gas detection for industrial cooling systems in this exclusive feature. Credit: Getty/bluekite

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Improving worker safety with gas detectors

By Shaun Evers

Shaun Evers, managing director of Stonegate, flags the invisible dangers of refrigeration gas leaks and how advancements in gas detection technologies can help make things safer, with the bonus of improved sustainability and efficiency.

The site was formerly an Amazon warehouse. Credit: Sysco


Sysco investing $100m in new UK depot

By William Dodds

Foodservice wholesaler Sysco has announced plans to invest $100m (£79m) in a new depot to serve London and South East England.

Sometimes to reach a goal, you need to work together. Credit: Getty/Rudzhan Nagiev

The Talent Poole

Collaboration and relationship building

By Jon Poole

The scale and complexity of the food sector underlines the critical need for collaboration, especially given the many significant challenges the industry continues to face. So, who better to guide us through her experiences and insights into collaboration...

How can we solve the big UK fibre gap? Credit: Getty/fcafotodigital

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Mind the fibre gap

By Bethan Grylls

As many as 90% of UK adults don’t eat enough fibre – but why does this matter and how can brands work fibre into their NPD?

The Shropshire Review called for the Government to develop a more considered and coherent immigration policy

We need to talk about…

Migrant labour within food and drink manufacturing

By Rod Addy

Food processors have struggled for decades to fill vital positions and Provision Trade Federation director general Rod Addy argues that the Government’s current approach to immigration will not help.

Step inside the 2024 Food Manufacture Excellence Awards

Food Manufacture Excellence Awards

Relive the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards 2024

By Gwen Ridler

Relive the glitz and glamour of the 2024 Food Manufacture Excellence Awards as we take a tour around the venue and speak with some of the winners in this exclusive video.

Beef, carrots and salad crops among the foods that could see higher price tags attached. Credit: Getty/LauriPatterson

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5 foods affected by supply shocks

By Bethan Grylls

While inflation may be easing, the supply chain remains sensitive to shocks, with several food commodities likely to see continued shortages and higher prices than the years before the permacrisis era.

Jean-Philippe (third from left) with a handful of Tilda farmers

Me & My Team

Tilda’s climb to the top

By Jean-Philippe Laborde

Managing director Jean-Philippe Laborde of the well-known rice brand talks about Tilda’s strategy since he took the helm five years ago, from innovation and keeping costs down, to teamwork and trailing new rice cultivation techniques.

SOKO is a fruit juice manufacturer based in North Macedonia. Credit: Getty / Boarding1Now


Increasing beverage production efficiency

By William Dodds

Watson-Marlow Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has helped fruit juice manufacturer SOKO Gorica increase the efficiency of its production process by replacing a pump that failed to transfer highly viscous peach concentrate with Bredel 25 hose...

The UK Government has implemented targets requiring all firms to reach net zero by 2050. Credit: Getty / Hype Photography


From net zero declarations to meeting emission targets

By William Dodds

With global temperatures closing in on the 1.5C warming limit and companies’ net zero deadlines edging nearer, the urgent need for emission-based action is widely recognised, but getting there isn’t always easy.

Whilst the lockdowns may be over, Covid continues to impact populations across the globe. Credit: Getty/agrobacter


The ingredient looking to take on Coronavirus

By Bethan Grylls

A new study has found that a natural compound found in foods such as kiwis, parsley and green peppers, possesses antiviral effects which researchers claim could destroy coronaviruses and help prevent the spread of infections.

Mash Gang are expanding into the US through its partnership with Pilot Project Brewing


Craft brewer Mash Gang extends reach to the US

By Gwen Ridler

Non-alcoholic craft brewer Mash Gang is setting its sites on the US market with help from brewery incubator Pilot Project Brewing, launching two of its best-selling beers overseas this month.

Almost three quarters of UK consumers believe vegan food has no animal ingredients, according to High Speed Training


Mass confusion over vegan labelling ‘life-threatening’

By Gwen Ridler

Almost three quarters of consumers believe vegan food products contain no ingredients derived from animals, highlighting the potential risk to people with food allergies in the absence of vegan labelling laws, according to a new study.

A new era for Prima Bakeries Group as it announces it will become an employee-owned business


Prima Bakeries Group becomes employee-owned

By Bethan Grylls

The Group which includes Redruth-based Prima Bakeries and St Columb-based Cornish Premier Pasties, has announced its transition to an employee-owned business.

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