Top 3 dog food trends for 2023

By Gwen Ridler

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Plant-based dog food is a key trend in 2023. Pictured is an example of a dog chew made using wheat texturates
Plant-based dog food is a key trend in 2023. Pictured is an example of a dog chew made using wheat texturates

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Plant-based, sustainability concerns and treats were three key trends driving new product development in the dog food, according to functional wheat products manufacturer Trigea.

Plant-based as an alternative for animal by-products

Plant-based diets are becoming more commonplace among consumers, Naturally, this shift away from meat has extended to the food they feed their dogs as well.

A recent survey by the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention found that one-third of dog owners who were interviewed no longer wanted to buy animal by-products for their dogs.

“Dogs are omnivores and therefore also need plant-based food for a balanced diet,”​ Trigea said. “Vegetable proteins, for example in the form of textured or hydrolysed wheat protein, can be considered a good source of protein.”

Textured wheat proteins can be used as a plant-based alternative in hybrid products with reduced meat content – as well as in vegan dog food alternatives – and can imitate the typical fibrous structure of meat.

Various options for dog food

While dog food was once available in only wet and dry offerings, a much larger range of different types of food is now available for our furry friends. One area that Trigea identified as having great potential for development was the dog treats segment.

“These are meant to imitate delicious food for humans, such as pasta for dogs or toppings for wet dog food that mimic muesli toppings. High-protein treats, such as plant-based chews for dogs, are also possible,”​ Trigea added.

“These can be produced with the textured wheat proteins of the Trigovit Tex range, are extremely flexible and do not require any additional binding agents compared to conventional products.”

Eco-friendly pet food

Sustainability and a greater understanding of the impact our actions as a human race have on the planet have become key considerations for consumers when buying food. This mindset also applies to the food they buy for their pets.

Even when choosing the right dog food, consumers are paying more attention to the carbon footprint of the products they buy for their furry friends.

“The wheat Trigea uses for its pet food ingredients is grown in Europe – mainly Germany – which means that transport distances can be kept short,” ​the spokesman added. “This not only makes for an efficient process, but is also resource-friendly.”

Meanwhile, we explore the sudden boom in pet ownership since the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has shaped the producers catering to this sector of the food and drink industry.

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