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Campden BRI disproves water vapour myth

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Absence of an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer in board pot packaging has been found not to adversely affect water vapour transmission rates (WVTR) in tests carried out by food research organisation Campden BRI.

Campden had been asked to assess whether the additional EVOH layer in board pot packaging was benefitting its moisture barrier properties. To determine the moisture barrier levels of the pots, the water transmission rate was measured using a Systech 7001 water vapour permeation analyser.

Researchers tested the pots with and without the EVOH layer and found the WVTR were not adversely affected by removing the EVOH.

Lynerric Potter, senior research officer at Campden BRI, says: “Water vapour and oxygen transmission are just two of the tests we offer, using a suite of instrumental analysis systems which we can also use to assess physical properties, such as tensile strength and internal pressure resistance, leak detection and seal integrity. Instruments like the permeation analyser are an important part of our tool-kit.”

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MBB Bags

Posted by Than Nguyen,

The conditions under which the measurement is made has a considerable influence on the result. Both the temperature of and humidity gradient across the sample need to be measured, controlled and recorded with the result.

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