Microalgae supplement eases digestion

Food supplement to ease digestion

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Roquette and 3I Nature pooled their know-how to develop a new food supplement based on micro-algae and fibres. Named Chlorella 2D, its synergistic combination of Roquette Chlorella and Nutriose are said to promote digestive health - a claim that is supported by an in-vivo study.

Roquette Chlorella is a freshwater microalgae rich in nutrients and antioxidants, such as carotenoids. It is produced in France in a closed production system guaranteeing high bacteriological quality and a reproducible composition.

Roquette Nutriose is a soluble fibre obtained from maize or wheat. It has a prebiotic effect, in particular by modulating colon microflora.

Roquette demonstrated the synergistic effect of combining the two ingredients in an in vivo study, which observed increased antioxidant activity in stools.

The prebiotic action of the soluble fibre is reported to stimulate enzyme activity in the colon, thereby promoting hydrolysis of the chlorella wall, releasing antioxidant ingredients.

A patent application has been filed for this specific combination.

Contact: Roquette

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