'Revolutionary' delabeller strips products clean

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Pioneering technology is claimed to lie behind a machine designed to remove labels from most sizes of jars, bottles or plastic bottles.

F T Short 's delabeller has been designed to handle either empty or filled products for commercial flexibility. The machine is capable of stripping up to 55 products a minute, leaving the product clean and ready to re-label if required.

F T Short says products handled are clean and delabelled with no risk of any of the original label remaining, or being identified as an over-labelled product. £50,000 has been invested in this project, Operations director, Paul Mears, who headed up the project to develop the delabeller, said: "This machine will revolutionise the relabelling market as there is no other machine in the UK that can run as fast and remove the label as cleanly. We already have orders coming in and are now looking to run the machine in conjunction with our normal shift patterns."

The delabeller has been designed to be environmentally friendly and offers a clean, fast and cost-effective way to relabel products, says Mears.

Contact: F T Short