Here's comes the muffin mix - frozen in a bag

Belgian frozen desserts maker Rolph & Rolph won Anuga's Taste 11 award for the convenience of its frozen muffin piping bags.

The firm's Belgian chefs insert their muffin mixture into piping bags, which are then frozen ready for use. Once defrosted (which takes an hour) the mixture can be piped directly into cake cases without the need for additional ingredient.

The mixture is available in four flavours: Chocolate Moelleux; Almond Muffin; Chocolate Muffin and Apple & Cinnamon but 70% of the firm's business comes from making bespoke mixtures to order.

The firm is initially targeting the foodservice sector, selling the product in packs of nine 500g piping bags. A spokesman at Anuga said his ultimate goal was to see the product in the freezers of the major chain cafés such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee.

The product has been for sale on the Belgian, German and Dutch markets for five months and has a long-term vision of reaching the retail market with packs of one 500g bag. The spokesman at Anuga said the company was in talks with Asda in the UK, which already stocks some of its frozen desserts.

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