Strawberry tree benefits

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The Mediterranean strawberry tree could have greater anti-cancer potential than similarly antioxidant-rich green tea or blackberry, according to Nova de Lisboa University, Portugal.

The tree's fruits are edible and its fruits and leaves are used in folk medicine for diverse purposes. Previous studies have shown that the fruits are rich in flavonoids, which are responsible for their antioxidant properties. Compounds isolated from the plant were promising in cancer chemopreventive therapy.

Researchers at the university tested strawberry tree fruit and leaf extracts for their antioxidative activity and their ability to inhibit metalloproteinases, attributes that could promote cancer. After a process known as solid phase extraction, the plant's antioxidant and metalloproteinase inhibitory activities were boosted. Indications were that these were similar to or higher than those of blackberry and green tea, which have been well-publicised.

Fractions obtained from strawberry tree tissues seemed promising as antioxidants and antiproliferative agents. Further research is underway.

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