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Liquid seasonings: a cheap alternative to dry herbs

Adding spices to dairy products and spreads encourages bacteria, which can spoil goods. Bactolow is a range of liquid seasonings developed by ingredient supplier Chr. Hansen, which does not drastically increase enzyme activity.

Dried spices or seasonings generally have to be added to a product before heating to keep micro-organisms at an acceptable level and to avoid the dilution of a product's colour and flavour. But liquid seasonings can be added at any stage of production.

Bactolow is claimed to be cheaper than dry seasonings and is 30 times stronger. Liquid seasonings are made by cleaning and cutting natural spices to create a large surface area. Essential oils are extracted using steam distillation and then the spices are dried.

Liquid seasonings can be used in cheese, mayonnaise and yellow fat spreads to create a taste that emulates natural spices, but with minimal bacteria.

Bactolow seasonings are available in a variety of different flavours including: Italian Pesto; Thai; Mediterranean and Tex-Mex.

Contact: Chr. Hansen, Tel: 01488 689 823

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