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Improved door curtain design cuts cold store energy wastage

Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) has developed an insulated door curtain to replace the plastic strips traditionally used in cold rooms.

The old polyvinylchloride (PVC) curtains are plagued by problems because they are poor insulators and often get torn by the fork-lift trucks that pass through them. SMI's Cold Stop curtains avoid such difficulties because they are made from Tempro -- a combination of multi-layered microfibres and tough exterior laminates.

The curtain material is also flame retardant and anti-fungicidal, so although the panels are light, they can last up to six times longer than the PVC version, saving on replacement costs.

Tempro's insulation qualities also avoid slip hazards as, unlike other curtains, they don't drip condensate, which can freeze on floors, leaving a slippery surface.

Panels are available in standard 475mm widths of varying height so they fit perfectly into doorways. This contributes to their thermal efficiency, reducing energy consumption as cold room evaporator equipment can be set for optimum operation.

Purchases could also qualify for 100% tax relief under the government's Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme.

Contact: SMI Tel: 01952 730 630

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