What are the new drink flavours and trends in 2023? Credit: Getty/Maren Caruso

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The latest innovations in beverages

By Bethan Grylls

Food Manufacture reports on the trends dominating the beverage sector, how leading brands are delivering to these demands with innovative new product development, and areas of interest for the future of drinks.

Traceability issues could cost food manufacturers the trust of its consumers

Recalls heighten consumer mistrust in food firms

By Gwen Ridler

More than a third of UK consumers believe food and drink firms are not transparent enough when it comes to product recalls, according to standards and barcode provider GS1 UK.

Technology is being used to improve transparency

Food chain transparency is the goal

By Michelle Knott

The 2013 Horsemeat Scandal Created A Demand For Better Supply Chain Transparency. Michelle Knott Explains What This Means In Practice

Get up to speed on traceability

Get up to speed on traceability

By Michelle Knott

Systems can improve visibility throughout your factory while helping to avoid damaging product recalls, as Michelle Knott discovers

One up, one down

One up, one down

By Elaine Watson

New EU traceability laws hit UK statute books with more of a whimper than a bang in January. But has Sudan 1 changed all that? Elaine Watson reports


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