The right medicine: the debate between taxation and reformulation continues

Sugar reformulation: can the industry learn from salt?

By Paul Gander

Alongside the now-familiar call for a 20% tax on sugary soft drinks, the recent House of Commons Health Select Committee report on child obesity proposed other measures, including centrally-led reformulation in high-sugar food and drink.

Nitrites provide protection against dangerous bacterial growth in ham

Nitrite in ham survey may lead to cuts

By Rick Pendrous

The levels of nitrites allowed in dry-cured bacon and ham could be reduced, following the outcome of a new European Commission (EC) survey into their use across the EU.

Salt of the Earth’s low-sodium sea salt is targeted at the children's market

Sea salt targets new low-sodium for kids

By Lorraine Mullaney

Salt of the Earth’s low-sodium sea salt is designed to help food manufacturers meet low-sodium targets for children, according to the firm.

Salt firm Tate & Lyle granted US patent

US patent granted for salt replacer

Tate & Lyle has been granted a US patent to manufacture Soda-Lo salt microspheres, which are designed to reduce salt levels by 25% to 50% without sacrificing taste.

Alex Mayfield asked the DH to look elsewhere to meet salt reduction targets

Plant bakers braced for more government salt reduction demands

By Gary Scattergood

Bread bakers should be prepared to face further reductions in salt levels when new limits are set by the Department of Health (DH) later this year – despite hitting their 2012 targets and reducing levels by 40% over the past decade.

Microsphere technology cuts sodium

Microsphere technology cuts sodium

Tate & Lyle says its new salt reduction ingredient, Soda-Lo Salt Microspheres, enables manufacturers to reduce salt levels by up to 50% without sacrificing on a product's taste.

Innophos has launched ingredients that can help cut sodium in cheese and meat products

Innophos puts cash into low sodium options

By Rod Addy

Innophos is investing in global manufacturing to boost efficiency and production as it continues to launch new phosphate-based ingredients for the food industry.

Results in bread have been particularly impressive

Hollow salty balls from Blighty impress the Yanks

By Elaine Watson

More than 40 food and drink manufacturers in the US and Canada are experimenting with a new breed of microscopic salt crystals from UK-based firm Eminate enabling firms to slash sodium and retain their clean-labels.

Firms rush to substitute salt

Firms rush to substitute salt

By Hayley Brown

Ingredient suppliers are launching sodium chloride replacement solutions in a bid to boost profits, as fresh anxieties over salt levels spread...

Worth its salt?

Worth its salt?

Is the holy grail of salt replacement now finally within reach? Michelle Knott talks to the companies at the cutting edge of research to find out

UK leads the way on salt reduction

UK leads the way on salt reduction

By Rick Pendrous

UK food manufacturers are leading the world when it comes to reducing the salt content in processed foods, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has...