Professor Buttriss: ‘Concern has existed about the risk for people with undiagnosed kidney disease’


Why potassium benefits outweigh the risks

By Judy Buttriss

Recommendations from government advisors on the use of potassium salts in place of sodium chloride (salt) was published in November.

Dispute: previously published figures showed average daily salt consumption to be lower

Salt campaign group calls for new nutrition agency

By Noli Dinkovski

A leading campaign group has called on the government to set up an independent agency responsible for nutrition, after it emerged that previously published National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) figures on salt had been adjusted.

Cutting salt intake was accompanied by a fall in blood pressure in adults

Children help cut parents’ salt intake

By Rod Addy

Parents’ salt intake was slashed through the intervention of their children in a joint UK and China study funded by the Medical Research Council.

Consumers are more concerned with calories and fat than salt

Slash the salt

By Michelle Knott

Yeast extracts are helping food firms slash the salt, reports Michelle Knott

Salt of the Earth’s low-sodium sea salt is targeted at the children's market

Sea salt targets new low-sodium for kids

By Lorraine Mullaney

Salt of the Earth’s low-sodium sea salt is designed to help food manufacturers meet low-sodium targets for children, according to the firm.

Salty survey: Jamie Oliver’s Italian had the highest level of salt of the celebrity chef restaurants surveyed

Public Health Responsibility Deal to target caterers

By Rick Pendrous

Caterers will be the focus of the government’s new salt reduction strategy to be published during National Salt Awareness Week, which starts today (March 11), as part of the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal Food Network.

Salt reduction is approaching its limits, confirms Leatherhead Food Research

Salt cuts ARE ‘reaching limit’: Leatherhead Food Research

By Mike Stones

Leatherhead Food Research (LFR) has confirmed salt reduction in food is reaching its limits, while rejecting claims that the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) had misrepresented its views.

‘Shocking’ salt claims anger sausage makers

‘Shocking’ salt claims anger sausage makers

By Graham Holter

Sausage manufacturers have hit back after a report accused them of producing products with dangerously high salt levels, and say that the results are misleading, while 2012 reduction targets risk going too far.

Fat that got the cream

Fat that got the cream

By Rick Pendrous

Reformulating foods to reduce levels of fat, salt and sugar is key to reducing the UK’s spiralling
obesity epidemic. But it’s
no mean feat.

Results in bread have been particularly impressive

Hollow salty balls from Blighty impress the Yanks

By Elaine Watson

More than 40 food and drink manufacturers in the US and Canada are experimenting with a new breed of microscopic salt crystals from UK-based firm Eminate enabling firms to slash sodium and retain their clean-labels.

CASH: Food industry

CASH: Food industry "lied again and again" on salt

By Elaine Watson

The food industry has significantly overplayed the technical role that salt plays in processed foods in order to avoid the "nuisance and expense" of reformulation work and fend off the health lobby, the chairman of salt reduction charity CASH...

Sid the Slug campaign

FSA: Salt sales might be up, but consumption is down

By Elaine Watson

The sharp rise in sales of salt over the past year is not a sign that consumers are increasingly compensating for the lack of salt in processed foods by adding more at the table, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has insisted.

Salt in the spotlight

Salt in the spotlight

Will your products comply with the salt regulations due to take effect in 2010?I was once very sceptical about the link between sodium intake and...

Firms rush to substitute salt

Firms rush to substitute salt

By Hayley Brown

Ingredient suppliers are launching sodium chloride replacement solutions in a bid to boost profits, as fresh anxieties over salt levels spread...

Worth its salt?

Worth its salt?

Is the holy grail of salt replacement now finally within reach? Michelle Knott talks to the companies at the cutting edge of research to find out

Below the salt

Below the salt

By Sarah Britton

Although no one ingredient can replicate the many characteristics of salt, flavour experts are doing their damnedest. Sarah Britton investigates

Against the grain

Against the grain

By Susan Birks

Overuse of that most common of seasoning agent, salt, has led to government action forcing industry to slash levels in food. Susan Birks reports on alternative seasonings


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