Food hygiene, safety and cleaning feature 2022

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Hygiene, safety and cleaning innovations in food and drink

By Gwen Ridler

As a food or drink manufacturer, cleaning your equipment is an essential part of the production process – it’s a no-brainer really. But every second spent shutting down a line to clean it, is a second of downtime that most businesses can ill afford.

Accident reporting by workers has improved since the system was installed

Web-based monitoring helps Hilton Foods cut accidents

By Rick Pendrous

Hilton Foods UK & Ireland, the meat processing and packing company, has reduced the number of accidents at its sites, thanks in part to the use of a web-based health and safety management system.

A fatal grain silo accident has resulted in a £50k fine

Grain silo death results in £50k fine

By Gwen Ridler

A fatal accident in a grain storage facility resulted in a £50,000 fine for farming firm Maurice Mason Ltd last week (Friday March 10).

'Pint madam? Not in a glass with a handle - it's a safety risk'

Food and drink features in health and safety excuses

By Mike Stones

Spurious health and safety rules have been used to refuse to supply a burger cooked rare and to deny drinkers pints in glasses with handles, according to a new Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report.

A depalletiser at the firm's Halifax factory

Nestlé fined £180k after worker’s death

By Mike Stones

Nestlé was fined £180,000 after a worker died in an accident involving a depalletiser because the firm “failed to implement basic safety measures”.

Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

The industry may think its health and safety track record is pretty good, but this is no time for it to be resting on its laurels, reports Rod Addy

Stick or bigger stick?

Stick or bigger stick?

The European Commission is challenging the UK for not being tough enough on factory accidents. John Dunn reports

Firms get to grips ... with slips

Firms get to grips ... with slips

By Sarah Britton

Manufacturers are falling over themselves to lower injury rates. Sarah Britton looks at how firms motivate staff on safety issues

Lost in translation

Lost in translation

By Elaine Watson

A picture might tell a thousand words, but will it satisfy the health and safety inspectors, and do all staff know what it means? Elaine Watson reports

Danger Zone

Danger Zone

Are you 'walking the talk' or 'stumbling the mumble' on plant safety? Rick Pendrous reports on Food Manufacture's recent safety forum


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