Up to 89% of manufacturers have reported they've been affected by fraud in 2016

Manufacturers see fraud rise in 2016

By Gwen Ridler

Up to 89% of global manufacturing businesses – including food and drink manufacturers – have been affected by fraud in the past 12 months, according to analyst Kroll.

Which? Sue Davies highlighted the need to retain the precautionary approach to food safety

Food safety conference

Food safety: precaution must continue post-Brexit

By Noli Dinkovski

It is “absolutely crucial” that the UK continues to adopt a precautionary approach to food safety post-Brexit, the head of a consumer watchdog has claimed.

The Insurance Act imposes a duty on businesses to include risks, such as fire risk

Insurance Act comes into force

By Michelle Perrett

New legislation came into force last Friday (August 12) that will change the way food and drink suppliers buy their insurance.

The Brexit challenges will become more severe after six months

Brexit challenges will materialise after six months

By Matt Atherton

The challenges of Brexit will be at their most severe for manufacturers – including food and drink producers – over the next six months to a year, culminating in a recession until at least the end of 2017, warns a new survey by the manufacturers’ organisation,...

Horticultural firm, William Sinclair Horticulture Ltd, was fined for safety failings

Safety failings cost horticultural firm £30k

By Gwen Ridler

A horticultural firm was ordered to pay more than £30,000 by Bolton Magistrates court last week (June 27) for safety failings at two of its sites, after investigations by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Cyber-attacks are set to rise in 2016

Business interruption is the top business risk in 2016

By Rick Pendrous

Business interruption (BI) remains the biggest threat facing companies in 2016, with cyber-attacks, geo-political instability and technology failure new potential drivers of losses, according to the latest findings from insurance company Allianz.

Two employees were injured when a gas canister exploded in a glass factory

Food and drink glass firm fined for explosion

By Laurence Gibbons

Food and drink glass container and bottle maker Encirc Ltd has been fined £18,000 for a serious safety breach after two workers were injured in an explosion, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Wilkins: 'The cyber threat has been rising steadily in recent years'

Cyber threats need to become a board-level issue

By Rick Pendrous

In response to rising concerns about the risk of cyber attacks, industrial automation components supplier European Automation has published an industry report about the growing importance of information security.

Investment is on hold for food and drink firms

Election 2015

Industry stagnates as suppliers cut investment

By Nicholas Robinson

UK industry – including food manufacture – is in a “state of stagnation” as suppliers cut investment and impose recruitment bans and pay freezes until May’s general election, experts have claimed.

It it a horsemeat or beef burger?

New BRC Global Standard targets food fraud

By Rick Pendrous

Greater transparency in the supply chain and better food safety in small facilities is the ambition of the British Retail Consortium’s revised (version 7) Global Standard for Food Safety, launched last month.

Rick Pendrous, editor, Food Manufacture

The FSA ponders the concept of risky foods

By Rick Pendrous

We are becoming a more risk-averse society. But when it comes to food and drink, some consumers – influenced by their personal beliefs and experiences – see things quite differently.

The HSE found Lanchester Dairies failed to put measures in place to prevent falls

Dairy firm fined after ‘life-changing’ fall

By Laurence Gibbons

Lanchester Dairies has been fined £10,000 and ordered to pay £1,690 in costs for safety failings after a worker suffered “life-changing” injuries following a fall at its site.

Food firms need to create an environment where creative ideas flourish

Food firms need intrapreneurs, expert argues

By Rod Addy

Food industry cultures must be overhauled to foster the development of ‘intrapreneurs’ if genuine innovation is to be encouraged, according to an expert in the field.

Detecting complacency at work is more difficult than spotting those who have got their feet up. Forbes has published a list of 10 tell-tale signs

10 top tips to spot complacent workers

By Mike Stones

How engaged are the people who report to you – or your peers? American business magazine Forbes has helped to take the guesswork out of answering that question by publishing 10 top tips to spot complacent workers.

Food labs gear up for allergen tests

Food labs gear up for allergen tests

By Rick Pendrous

Independent food laboratories are gearing up to meet increasing demand for their services from manufacturers and retailers as incidents related to allergens in foods increase.

EFSA confirmed that GM maize produced in 2010 had no negative effects on humans, animals and the environment

GM maize strain given EFSA all-clear

By Dan Colombini

No negative effects on human and animal health or the environment can be traced to a trial of genetically modified (GM) maize strain which produces insect toxin, according to research from the European Food Safety authority (EFSA).

Shouting (food safety issues) from the rooftops is important, but remember that consumers will notice inaccurate or mixed messages


How to deal with food safety Doomsday...

By Ben Bouckley

Growing scrutiny of food suppliers means an increasing focus on food safety issues. In this special edition article on risk, we look at how producers can communicate potential risks to consumers while protecting their brand reputation, in the event of...

Safety risks rise with global sourcing and EU’s over-65s

Safety risks rise with global sourcing and EU’s over-65s

By Rick Pendrous

Moves to persuade consumers to reduce food waste could make them more susceptible to incidents of foodborne diseases if they eat foods that are beyond their use-by dates, according to Sainsbury’s chief microbiologist.

FDF seeks to curb excessive 'may contains' labelling

FDF seeks to curb excessive 'may contains' labelling

By Elaine Watson

The Food and Drink Federation’s (FDF’s) allergens steering group has published a paper setting out a best practice approach to allergen management that aims to tackle excessive ‘may contains’ labelling.

Smith: More bang for your buck

Tim Smith: FSA cash must be allocated differently

By Elaine Watson

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) will have to trim its budget by at least 25% over the next four years, which means it will have to “hand a great deal of responsibility [for food safety enforcement] back to the industry”, according to chief executive Tim...

Ageing food factories suffer electrical problems

Ageing food factories suffer electrical problems

By Ben Bouckley

Electrical problems at ageing food factories are a principal cause of almost 20% of industry property losses, according to insurance broker Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT).


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