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Free school meals are said to be a key weapon in the battle against obesity

Free school meals ‘help in fight against obesity’

By Noli Dinkovski

Obesity levels in children continued to be a “disaster”, but the opportunity to improve their nutritional needs through free school meals remained huge, a public health professor has argued.

Manufacturers need to shift to more plant-based foods, said Tim Lang

Plant-based food needed or risk ‘health disaster’

By Matt Atherton

Manufacturers need to shift from producing “ultra-processed” foods to more plant-based food, or risk disaster for public health and the environment, warns food policy expert Professor Tim Lang from City, University of London. 

Dietary guidance from National Obesity Forum is attacked

‘Irresponsible’ dietary guidance under flak

By Rick Pendrous

A report from the National Obesity Forum (NOF) in association with Public Health Collaboration has come under flak from Public Health England (PHE), Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) for providing bad nutritional...

Scotland would be an 'ideal' place to implement a tax on sugar first

Sugar tax pushed by Scotland doctors

By Nicholas Robinson

A call for a tax on sugary food and drinks from the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh today will hike the pressure on industry to help tackle the UK’s obesity epidemic by making products healthier.

FDF boss Ian Wright has slammed NHS criticism of the industry's record on sugar

Food manufacturing boss slams NHS sugar criticism

By Michael Stones

A leading food and drink industry boss has slammed criticism of the sector’s record on curbing sugar levels voiced by the chief executive of the National Health Service England (NHS).

More and more people have been forced to visit foodbanks for emergency aid

Record 1M people forced to use foodbanks

By Laurence Gibbons

A record 1M people received at least three days’ emergency food aid from Trussell Trust foodbanks in the past 12 months, according to data released by the charity.

The next government must do more to improve Britain’s poor dietary habits: UK Coronary Prevention Group

Nutrient profiling key to public health policies

By Rick Pendrous

The next UK government must do much more to tackle Britain’s poor dietary habits, according to the UK Coronary Prevention Group (UKCPG), a charity dedicated to preventing heart disease through healthy lifestyles.

It was 'madness' to undermine the credibility of food science with unsubstantiated allegations, said the IFST

Food industry slams BMJ sugar row ‘madness’

By Michael Stones

Food manufacturers and scientists have hit back at “the madness” of British Medical Journal (BMJ), in publishing a survey which claimed the government’s scientific advisers on obesity were swayed by industry funding.

The GM debate has become tedious, complained Helen Browning

Soil Association seeks new areas

By Nicholas Robinson

Soil Association boss Helen Browning will push the organisation forward, she tells Nicholas Robinson

A 9pm watershed on the advertising of food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar is planned by Labour (picture courtesy of Lucia)

Labour backs 9pm ads watershed for junk food

By Rick Pendrous

Labour is planning to impose a 9pm watershed on the advertising of food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS)­ if it wins power in the May 7 general election, according to leaked reports ahead of a major policy announcement next week.

Consumers are being 'hoodwinked' by food marketing ploys

Food firms must act on obesity

By Nicholas Robinson

Food and drink manufacturers cannot “sit back” and watch the obesity crisis worsen, a leading weight loss surgeon has urged, following the release of a report calling for a 10-year strategy to tackle the UK's obesity crisis.

Tooth decay is one of the most widespread health problems

Sugar in teeth of fresh controversy

By Rod Addy

Anti-sugar campaigners are targeting the damage it can do to teeth as well as tackling its contribution to obesity in the UK.

Food businesses have been making progress to reduce salt, fat and sugar from their products

Action to reduce salt, fat and sugars published

By Nicholas Robinson

More than 390 food businesses have published reports on their actions to meet the Public Health Responsibility Deal, the Department of Health (DH) has announced.

Growing grain to feed to stock was creating an over-reliance on meat and dairy products that was bad for the evironment and disastrous for public health, warned Tim Lang

Food industry warned ‘the crunch is coming’

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers face “a big crunch”, as the consequences of the public health and environmental damage associated with the over production of meat and dairy foods begins to bite.

Against the grain: growing more vegetables and fruit would benefit public health and the environment, said Tim Lang

Food industry ‘should focus on plants not meat and dairy’

By Michael Stones

British cereal farmers should switch production towards vegetables and fruit – as part of a wider industry move, involving food manufacturers – to ditch meat and dairy products in a bid to improve public health and the environment.

The new universal food labelling scheme drew a mixed reception this week

Food labelling scheme draws bouquets and brickbats

By Mike Stones

The launch of a new universal, front-of-pack food labelling scheme drew both bouquets and brickbats from the industry this week. Here, we provide a flavour – in quotes – of the mixed reception, which greeted the new scheme designed to help consumers make...

Salty survey: Jamie Oliver’s Italian had the highest level of salt of the celebrity chef restaurants surveyed

Public Health Responsibility Deal to target caterers

By Rick Pendrous

Caterers will be the focus of the government’s new salt reduction strategy to be published during National Salt Awareness Week, which starts today (March 11), as part of the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal Food Network.

Elmkirk was found guilty of having made seven deliveries to London's Smithfield Market of meat which did not meet the temperature criteria

Meat firm told to pay £48,000 for hygiene offences

By Anne Bruce

Meat processor Elmkirk accused the Food Standards Agency (FSA) of using the courts to debate points of law rather than to enforce food safety, after it was found guilty of eight meat hygiene offences this week.

EU meat hygiene rules state carcasses should be chilled immediately in the slaughterhouse at a temperature throughout the meat of not more than 7°C

FSA rejects claims of ‘over-zealous’ prosecution

By Mike Stones

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has rejected claims that it acted “over-zealously” in pressing for the prosecution of Somerset meat firm A C Hopkins (Taunton) for breaking meat hygiene regulations.

Jim Moseley urged the government to adopt

FDF calls for 'broader not deeper' public health deal

By Mike Stones

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) wants the government to encourage more firms to join the Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) rather than extend the commitment of its existing members.

Public health role for food industry

Public health role for food industry

By Rick Pendrous

The food industry must get much more closely involved in public health issues if we are to deal with the problems of obesity the nation faces, the co-chair of the government’s food Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) Network has argued.


Enemy of the obese state

By Rick Pendrous

Shadow minister for public health Diane Abbott is no friend of the food industry or the coalition government's health policy. Reports Rick Pendrous

Department of Health to ditch tougher salt targets

Department of Health to ditch tougher salt targets

By Rick Pendrous

Further evidence has emerged that the Department of Health (DoH) will not implement tougher salt reduction targets after 2012, despite denials that it planned to “ditch” them entirely.

Jamie Oliver said the Responsibility Deal was

Government slammed for obesity group closure

By Dan Colombini

The government’s decision to abolish the panel of experts advising ministers on tackling obesity is like “turning the policy-clock back 10 years”, according to panel member Professor Timothy Lang.

Responsibility Deal: signatories have pledged to meet the FSA's 2012 salt targets

Salt campaign group welcomes responsibility deal

By Rick Pendrous

Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH), a leading UK health group which campaigns for reduced levels of salt in processed foods has welcomed the targets announced in the Public Health Responsibility Deal for food, published by health secretary Andrew...


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