Nottingham Trent University

The team from the University of Reading took the gold prize in this year's Ecotrophelia awards

Vegetable sushi wins student innovation prize

By Gwen Ridler

Students from the University of Reading have won the UK leg of this year’s Ecotrophelia Awards – the pan-European competition for ecologically inspired innovative new product development (NPD) – in a contest dominated by vegetarian and vegan products. 

Last year’s winners Ryan Clifford and Dominic Urban receive their prize from Marks & Spencer’s Sue Bell

Food innovation student award shortlist announced

By Rick Pendrous

Five teams of food science and technology students have been shortlisted to face a panel of industry ‘dragons’ in the 2017 Ecotrophelia UK final, which will take place at Campden BRI next month.

Food innovation winners last year were Ryan Clifford and Dominic Urban. They received a Eotrophelia UK cheque for £2,000 from M&S's Sue Bell

Food students lured by £2,000 innovation prize

By Rick Pendrous

UK food science and technology students are being urged to take part in Ecotrophelia UK, a prestigious food development competition promoting innovation, creativity and sustainability to students pursuing a future career in the food sector, with the chance...

The two man team from Nottingham Trent University scooped third place at Ecotrophelia. Left to right:  Philippe Goetzmann, Ryan Clifford, Dominic Urban and Alain Huertas

Food innovation prize won by UK graduates

By Gwen Ridler

A team of two UK food science graduates have won the bronze prize at the European final of food innovation competition Ecotrophelia at the food exhibition Sial in Paris.

The Från Början team pick up their Ecotrophelia UK 2016 winner’s cheque from M&S’s Sue Bell

Nottingham Trent students win Ecotrophelia UK

By Rick Pendrous

A student team from Nottingham Trent University has scooped the gold prize for their low-fat, non-dairy ice cream made with algal protein, in the UK leg of Ecotrophelia 2016 – the pan-European competition for ecologically inspired innovative new product...

Ranjit Singh

Seven tips for manufacturing success: 2 Sisters boss

By Michael Stones

The commitment to “never stop listening” was one of the seven secrets of success set out by 2 Sisters Food Group boss Ranjit Singh, as he collected an honorary degree from Nottingham Trent University.

Ranjit Singh

2 Sisters’ boss gets honorary degree

By Michael Stones

2 Sisters Food Group ceo Ranjit Singh is to receive an honorary degree from Nottingham Trent University, partly in recognition of his contribution to UK food manufacturing.

Fosh: the government should set training policy

Industry must take lead in bridging skills gap

By Nicholas Robinson

Manufacturers will have to rely on their own resources to bridge the skills gap they face, rather than waiting for the government to take the lead, the head of the National Skills Academy (NSA) for food and drink has warned.

Sports nutrition may have an effect on bone injuries and infection

Sports nutrition has a wider role

By Paul Gander

Supplements and other sports nutrition could play a role in helping to prevent bone injuries and infections common in high-intensity training programmes, specialists have been told.

Iron-rich potatoes, delivered by nanotechnology, could be cheaper and more effective than dietary supplements

Nanotech unearths iron-enriched potatoes to tackle anaemia

By Mike Stones

Pioneering nanotechnology research to enrich the iron content of potatoes could result in a range of fortified crops, according to researchers at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Science and Technology.


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