Horse Dna

Nestlé, the world's biggest food firm, has apologised to customers after horse DNA was discovered in its beef products

World’s biggest food firm withdraws ‘horse’ products

By Mike Stones

The world’s biggest food company Nestlé has been drawn into the deepening horse meat scandal, after it was forced to remove beef pasta products in France, Spain and Italy when they were revealed to contain horse DNA.

Nearly 99% of tests proved negative for the presence of horse DNA, said the FSA

Food safety watchdog’s horse meat tests 99% negative

By Mike Stones

Nearly 99% of 2,501 tests on beef products ordered by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to reveal the presence of horse DNA have proved negative, the agency confirmed last Friday (February 15).

Irish agriculture minister Simon Coveney has asked police to investigate beef products contaminated with horse DNA at a third factory in the Irish Republic

Police in UK and Ireland asked to probe more horse meat

By Mike Stones

Police on both sides of the Irish border have been asked to investigate the latest twists in the horse meat scandal, while the Food Standards Agency (FSA) will publish the results of the DNA testing of meat products in a bid to boost consumer confidence.


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