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Packaging firm Euro Packaging UK ltd was fined £100k, after a worker’s arm was crushed in machinery

Food packaging firm fined £100k for hand crush

By Gwen Ridler

A company that manufactures packaging for the food and drink industry has been fined £100,000 for health and safety offences, after a worker’s hand was crushed.

Carlsberg says it is co-operating with the HSE to establish the cause of the leak

Brewer to improve ‘rigorous procedures’ after death

By Noli Dinkovski

Carlsberg UK has claimed the safety of its employees is of the “utmost importance” after being served an improvement notice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) following a gas leak that led to the death of one of its workers.

Manufacturer Fishgate Ltd was fined £100k for a forklift truck accident

Food firm fined for forklift accident

By Gwen Ridler

A manufacturer of prepared meals has been ordered to pay more than £100,000 for safety failings, after a worker fell 6m off the back of a forklift truck.

A food packaging firm has been fined £80k for a forklift truck accident

Forklift accident costs packaging firm £80k

By Gwen Ridler

A company that makes packaging for the food and drink industry has been fined £80,000 for health and safety failings, after a forklift truck struck a worker.

Warburtons was fined £1.9M for safety failings

Warburtons fined £1.9M for trapped arm

By Gwen Ridler

Warburtons has been fined £1.9M for safety failings, after a worker’s arm was trapped against a running conveyor belt – its second fine of more than £1M this year.

Baxters fined £70,000

Baxters fined £70k after worker mutilates hand

By Matt Atherton

Soup firm Baxters Food Group was fined £70,000 on September 22 after it admitted serious health and safety failings had caused a worker’s hand to become mutilated in a pie machine.

Paynes Stores was fined after a worker stood on an apple box on forklift truck to carry out work on a roof

Kent fruit firm fined for safety failings

By Laurence Gibbons

A Kent-based fruit business has been fined for safety failings after it allowed a contractor to access a door for repair by standing on an apple box raised at height by a forklift truck.

Nectar Patisserie Ltd 'consistently missed a glaring problem with a piece of machinery': HSE

Pie machine accident leads to £16k bill

By Michael Stones

A London-based pie manufacturer has been ordered to pay more than £16,000 after a worker had part of her finger severed by a pie and tart machine.

The accident was entirely avoidable, said the HSE

Fatal forklift accident at transport firm

By Michael Stones

A fatal forklift accident at a Lincolnshire transport and storage firm has claimed the life of a worker and resulted in a £125,000 fine for his employer.

An accident was 'almost inevitable' due to lack of safety procedures, said the HSE

Ice cream firm prosecuted for safety failings

By Michael Stones

An ice cream manufacturer has been ordered to pay more than £18,000, after one of its workers had a finger severed while cleaning a fruit feeder machine.

Segregation of people from forklifts is crucial in preventing accidents

Forklift accidents could be avoided by factory design

By Rick Pendrous

Many serious accidents involving forklift trucks in food and drink manufacture could be avoided by better factory layout, which segregates pedestrians from trucks, together with better driver training, it has emerged.

MIB United Meat Ltd engaged in

Meat firm gets £20k bill for ‘fault-ridden’ forklift

By Michael Stones

A meat wholesaler has been ordered to pay more than £20,000, after operating what the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) described as “a fault-ridden forklift truck” and forging records in a bid to deceive its safety inspectors.

Firms that don't meet health and safety requirements will foot the bill

New safety fee to punish lawbreakers

By Rick Pendrous

Firms that flout the law by failing to ensure their workplaces are safe for workers will be subject to additional costs from next month.

Potato blancher: Lack of safety precautions resulted in triple arm-break

Bakkavör hit with £10,000 broken arm fine

By Dan Colombini

Fresh food group Bakkavör has been accused of not putting enough thought into employee welfare after being hit with a pay-out totalling £12,026 when a female hygiene worker suffered serious injuries at a factory in Wigan.

Slippery when wet

Slippery when wet

The industry may think its health and safety track record is pretty good, but this is no time for it to be resting on its laurels, reports Rod Addy

Hidden dangers

Hidden dangers

Fall foul of the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations or Health and Safety at Work Regulations and you could face unlimited fines or even corporate manslaughter charges, says Andrew Litchfield


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