Genetically Modified Organism

Food Evolution aims to restore science to the global debate about GM technology

Food science gets the big screen film treatment

By Michael Stones

Food science takes centre stage in a new documentary film, funded by the US-based Institute of Food Technology (IFT), which received its UK premiere in London on Tuesday (May 3).

GMO labels added to Campbell Soup products

Soup-maker Campbell switches to GMO labelling

By Noli Dinkovski

The world’s largest soup-maker has responded to calls for more food transparency by announcing it is to label the genetically modified organism (GMO) content on all of its US products.

GM crops could become widespread in Europe after gaining a foothold in the Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine and Russia to be Europe’s GM springboard

By Rick Pendrous

Ukraine and Russia are likely to become the bridgehead for the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the rest of Europe, according to the ceo of the French agricultural seeds and grain co-operative Limagrain.

Campaigners claim GM crops are treated with pesticide that harms wildlife

GM feed warning from anti-GM campaign group

By Rod Addy

GeneWatch UK has called on supermarkets to wake up to the environmental harm caused by genetically modified (GM) animal feed, imported from North and South America.

The EC will consult on the introduction of a harmonised system of 'GM-free' labelling next year. Meanwhile, GM science remains highly controversial

Europe to tackle GM-free labelling concerns

By Michelle Knott

The European Commission (EC) will consult on the introduction of a harmonised system of 'GM-free' labelling next year, amid concerns that the current proliferation of negative labelling schemes could confuse consumers.

Sign of protest: anti-GM protesters lobby DEFRA yesterday April 19

Warburtons denies signing campaigners’ GM pledge

By Freddie Dawson and Mike Stones

Bakery giant Warburtons has denied claims that it signed a pledge protesting about genetically modified (GM) wheat, written by pressure group GM Freeze and others.

Sir David King ‘unethical’ and badly informed on GM, says expert

Sir David King ‘unethical’ and badly informed on GM, says expert

By Ben Bouckley

A food industry expert says that Sir David King's views on genetically modified foodstuffs are unethical and uninformed, after the government’s former chief scientific advisor told an audience that EU barriers to the technology are starving the world’s...

Former minister worried by GM ingredient revelations

Former minister worried by GM ingredient revelations

By Ben Bouckley

Michael Meacher MP says he worries that not enough research has been done on the long-term effects to human health of eating foods produced from animals fed GM soy, after it emerged that many such branded items may be on UK sale.


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