The FSA said 2 Sisters promptly resolved issues

FSA investigation found ‘process weaknesses’ at 2 Sisters

By Michelle Perrett

A Food Standards Agency (FSA) investigation of 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG) plants following the scandal which plagued the company at the end of last year found “several process weaknesses” and “regulatory failures”.

Food industry must notify the FSA when serious food safety risks are identified

Food industry must share more data with the FSA

By Rick Pendrous

Food safety experts have welcomed recommendations from a select committee of MPs that there should be a far more systematic process for sharing data and intelligence obtained from private sector audits of food businesses with the Food Standards Agency...

David Edwards has criticised the FSA’s plans for certified regulatory auditors

Auditing expert hits out at FSA’s reforms

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) flagship Regulating Our Future (ROF) programme has been criticised for being “on a wobble”, by a leading food hygiene auditing expert.

The Food Standards Agency needs to build more trust with businesses, says Heather Hancock

FSA aims for ‘right touch’ regulation

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) needs to develop more trusting relationships with the food businesses it regulates if it is to get them to share more information, its chairman Heather Hancock acknowledged in her Campden BRI lecture last month.

The Food Standards Agency has hit back at claims one in four abattoirs fail to meet basic food hygiene standards

FSA denies food hygiene failings in abattoirs

By Matt Atherton

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has denied claims that more than a quarter of abattoirs fail to take basic food hygiene precautions in preventing contaminated meat entering the supply chain.

Food manufacturers will be expected to meet the costs of food safety inspections, enforcement input and a registration scheme

Food hygiene inspection charges move closer

By Michelle Perrett

Food manufacturers will be expected to meet the costs of food safety inspections, enforcement input and a registration scheme, under new plans from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

AMR could cause 10M deaths each year by 2050

FDF backs government work on antimicrobial resistance

By Matt Atherton

Food manufacturers have been urged to remain vigilant after a Food Standards Agency (FSA) report found almost 500M campylobacter-contaminated chickens were sold in 2014 that were resistant to at least one antibiotic.

Third-party hygiene audits are to become more widespread

Risk-based focus for hygiene audits will grow

By Rick Pendrous

Third-party hygiene audits will feature much more prominently under the changes planned for the way food businesses are regulated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), following a review.

Should the National Food Crime Unit have more policing powers?

Food Crime Unit review could see radical change

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is about to commission an independent review of its National Food Crime Unit (NFCU), set up in December 2014 in the wake of the 2013 horsemeat scandal, which could see it moved away from the FSA and take on more policing...

Campylobacter: rapid surface chilling was ‘the nearest thing we have to a silver bullet’

Foodex 2016

Campylobacter: rapid chilling is ‘nearest to silver bullet’

By Michael Stones

Campylobacter control using rapid surface chilling (RSC) is “the nearest thing we have to a silver bullet”, and should be adopted widely to cut infection levels, according to Bernard Matthews group technical director Jeremy Hall.

FSA’s Steve Wearne: Reduce reliance on public funding

FSA says industry must carry campylobacter costs

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is looking to transfer the high cost burden of surveying supermarket fresh chicken for contamination with the food poisoning bacterium campylobacter onto the industry itself, as its own budget comes under increasing constraint.

Campylobacter remains the biggest cause of food poisoning

Campylobacter poisoning rises despite targets

By John Wood

The number of people infected by campylobacter in England and Wales is rising, despite the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) campaign to drive the figures down.

The FSA will look at complementary and alternative ways of regulating

FSA's delivery approach will change as cuts bite

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) faces big changes over the next five years if it is to continue protecting consumers from food safety and fraud incidents against a backdrop of swingeing government spending cuts.

Plans to change for handling animal by-products cause industry concern

Animal by-product changes worry industry

By Chris Sturman

Sir,I am writing with reference to your article (‘Industry resists inspection charges’, Food Manufacture, April 2015, p37) on the proposal to impose further costs on the food chain by requiring the industry to accept charges for hygiene inspection.

Campylobacter breeds on raw chicken and is destroyed by cooking

FSA campylobacter results make grim reading

By Rod Addy

Tests show campylobacter contamination increased substantially over the summer in shop-bought raw chicken and the food industry must do more to tackle the problem, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Sir Colin Blackmore warned of a problem with scientific staffing at the FSA

Top advisor slams scientific shortfall at FSA

By Nicholas Robinson

A row has erupted about the threat to scientific expertise available within the Food Standards Agency (FSA) caused by government budget cuts, which critics argue have left the agency seriously short of the skills it needs within its science and policy...

Meat inspectors are demanding a 1% pay rise in line with the cost of living

Meat inspectors strike to go ahead

By Rod Addy

A strike by workers employed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) set down for this week will go ahead, trades union Unison has confirmed.

Poppy seeds could contain hazardous levels of morphine

Poppy seed warning about potential ‘highs’

By Nicholas Robinson

Food businesses have been warned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to be cautious when using poppy seeds in products, after scientists discovered potentially hazardous levels of morphine in some food-grade seeds.

2 Sisters called the allegations The Guardian has levelled against it 'untrue, misleading and inaccurate'

Retailers investigate as FSA clears 2 Sisters plants

By Rod Addy

Retail investigations continue, but the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has cleared 2 Sisters Food Group’s Scunthorpe and Llangefni poultry plants of allegations of poor hygiene standards made by The Guardian.

 The FSA has defended its decision to reverse its decision on naming retailers and processors that sell chickens with high levels of campylobacter contamination

FSA defends campylobacter ‘name and shame’ U-turn

By Laurence Gibbons

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has defended its decision, made at yesterday’s (July 23) board meeting, to reverse its decision to ‘name and shame’ retailers and processors that sell chicken contaminated with high levels of campylobacter.

Meat inspectors are claimed to cost UK taxpayers 50p a year

Strike row could cause meat supply chain disruption

By Nicholas Robinson

Serious disruption to the meat supply chain could be caused if Food Standards Agency (FSA) meat inspectors vote in favour of a strike over pay next week, according to industry bosses.

The FSA should be strengthened to combat food fraud more effectively, said Professor Chris Elliott

Stronger Food Standards Agency needed to beat fraud

By Michael Stones

A stronger Food Standards Agency (FSA) – equipped with responsibility for food compositional labelling – is a key recommendation of the interim Elliott Review, commissioned by the government to investigate the supply chain after the horsemeat crisis.

The horsemeat crisis led to the FSA's proposed action plan, which also aims to tackle wider issues

FSA tightens net on food fraudsters

By Rod Addy

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) food safety director Steve Wearne has fleshed out the FSA’s proposed action plan to deal with supply chain crises such as the horsemeat scandal.

The food safety watchdog slammed the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers for failing to share information

Meat suppliers group slammed for horsemeat secrecy

By Rick Pendrous

The Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS) has been criticised by the chief executive of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for refusing to share precise details about a recent incident of horsemeat contamination in a shipment of beef.

Prisoners in England and Wales have been served 'halal' pies which contained pork, admitted the Ministry of Justice

Legal action may follow ‘Halal meat’ pork fed to prisoners

By Mike Stones

The food safety watchdog, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is considering legal action after the Ministry of Justice revealed meat pies and pasties supplied to prisons in England and Wales were labelled and served as Halal but contained traces of pork...

Meat processors have welcomed the FSA's new plans for official meat controls

Meat processors welcome new FSA strategy

By John Wood

Meat processors have welcomed the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) new plan for official meat controls and how they should be financed.

EU meat hygiene rules state carcasses should be chilled immediately in the slaughterhouse at a temperature throughout the meat of not more than 7°C

FSA rejects claims of ‘over-zealous’ prosecution

By Mike Stones

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has rejected claims that it acted “over-zealously” in pressing for the prosecution of Somerset meat firm A C Hopkins (Taunton) for breaking meat hygiene regulations.

Former GVS vets and meat hygiene workers protested outside the FSA's London headquarters on Friday (April 13)

Unison slams FSA in agency payment row

By Dan Colombini

The row between meat hygiene workers and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has escalated today (April 18) after the union Unison demanded answers over missing pay for hundreds of agency workers.

Meat hygiene workers and vets will campaign outside the FSA headquarters today

Meat hygiene workers stage FSA no pay protest

By Dan Colombini

Meat hygiene workers who carried out work for the Food Standards Agency will protest outside the organisation’s headquarters this afternoon after its poor handling of a contract resulted in £500,000 of unpaid wages, Unison has claimed.

The BMPA has criticised the FSA for submitting the names of firms where reports of bullying have occured

Meat firms slam FSA over bullying list

By Dan Colombini

Meat producers have hit out at the Food Standards Agency (FSA) after it revealed a list of UK firms where alleged incidents of bullying and harassment have been reported over the past two years.

Delays in implementing folic fortification of bread had led to hundreds of unnecessary cases of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, claimed Professor Blakemore

Bread folic acid fortification 'key to cut birth defects'

By Rick Pendrous

A group of top British scientists yesterday (March 14) called on the government to push ahead with the fortification of flour or bread with folic acid, as recommended by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) to reduce neural tube defects...

Determined to beat the bullies, the FSA could withdraw its inspectors

FSA threatens abattoir bullies

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is threatening to withdraw inspectors from abattoirs and primary cutting plants that fail to deal with a culture of bullying, which is said to be "endemic" across the industry.

Kick in the guts

Kick in the guts

By Rick Pendrous

Food poisoning incidents have the potential to cause serious damage to the most famous brands whether the fault lies in the manufacturing process or elsewhere in the supply chain. Muck tends to stick.

The EFSA has already concluded that the use of lactic acid as a decontaminating treatment in beef production is safe and effective

FSA supports lactic acid plan for poultry & beef

By Rick Pendrous

The use of lactic acid to reduce microbiological surface contamination on poultry carcases and raw beef has been strongly supported by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Board in view of its ability to “significantly” reduce the level of pathogens.

The mystery as to how the jar of Loyd Grossman's sauce became contaminated continues

FSA no closer to solving Premier Botulism case

By Dan Colombini

The Premier Foods botulism case is no closer to being solved, despite the completion of “extensive” research, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed.

Sprouted seeds pose an unacceptable risk to health

Sprouted seeds pose an unacceptable risk to health

By Rick Pendrous

Evidence is emerging that sprouted seeds could present an unacceptable risk to human health unless effective control measures such as irradiation can be used to make them safer.