Counterfeit Wonka chocolate bars have been spotted on store shelves in the UK

FSA issues fake Wonka chocolate warning

By Gwen Ridler

UK and Ireland food safety authorities have warned members of the public to be on the lookout for counterfeit Wonka chocolate bars being sold in shops and online across the country.

Sideras was found guilty of conspiring to defraud the public after adding horsemeat to the food chain

Man found guilty of adding horsemeat to food chain

By Matt Atherton

A London businessman has been found guilty of conspiring to defraud the public, after adding horsemeat to minced meat, sausages, pies and ready meals that were labelled as 100% beef.

Food and drinks firms could be losing out on £12bn to fraud

Fraud costs food firms £12bn a year

By Gwen Ridler

The food and drink industry could be losing up to £12bn a year to fraud, according to a new report published this week.

Counter-fraud guidance has been launched for food businesses by the CIEH

Food firms urged to raise their counter-fraud game

By Rick Pendrous

Food fraud good practice guidance has been launched today (Wednesday November 2) by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) in an effort to get the industry to protect itself better from fraud by adopting established counter-fraud measures.

Beat the food and drink fraudsters with the help of training, says Lisa Jack

Spot food fraudsters with new training plan

By Rick Pendrous

Specialist training is now available to help companies in the grocery supply chain from being caught up in food fraud, following the collaboration between an academic expert in the field and two major players in hygiene and safety fraud prevention.

Fake alcohol requires urgent action from the new Food Crime Unit

Fake booze needs action from Food Crime Unit

By Nicholas Robinson

Alcohol fraud has to be given more attention and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) must take action to tackle the crime with its new £2M Food Crime Unit (FCU) soon, a leading lawyer has urged.

Guarding businesses against food fraud is the aim of this one-hour commercial webinar

Fraud webinar helps protect food businesses

By Michael Stones

Arming food and drink managers with the information they need to guard against fraud is the aim of a new commercial webinar from food safety specialist NSF International.

Fraud is costing the food industry £11.2bn a year

Food fraud costs UK firms £11bn a year

By Laurence Gibbons

Food fraud is costing UK food and drink manufacturers a whopping £11.2bn a year, equivalent to 85% of their total profits, a report from the University of Portsmouth has claimed.

Fish and chip shops don't always deliver what customers expect, says Which?

Food fraud uncovered at fish and chip shops

By Rod Addy

Food fraud is rife in fish and chip shops, with one in six fish samples bought differing from what had been ordered, according to sampling conducted for consumer group Which?

Buyers driving down costs create a climate in which fraud can thrive

Supermarket buyers’ culture aids fraudsters

By Rick Pendrous

The cost cutting culture that exists in supermarket buying departments will have to change if future incidents like last year's horsemeat contamination scandal are to be avoided, according to a food safety expert.

The French authorities made 21 arrests earlier this week, as part of investigations into a new horsemeat scandal

Fresh horsemeat scandal hits France

By Michael Stones

Global pharmaceutical firm Sanofi has said it was the victim of fraud, after French police raided its offices in France and arrested 21 people elsewhere, during investigations into claims that horsemeat used to develop medicines was sold illegally for...

Scientists need the most up-to-date technology to stay ahead of fraud

Regulators hunt out food fraudsters

By Rick Pendrous

Fraud is increasing as the price of food and drink rises and this is forcing regulators to put greater resources into hunting out the cheats, it has emerged.

Bottle trouble: organised crime is dropping drugs in favour of food and drink fraud

Criminals drop drugs for food fraud

By Rod Addy

Organised crime is switching to food fraud from activities such as drug trafficking, because detection methods are less developed and penalties are softer.

Food fraud alert

Food fraud alert

The Food Standards Agency has warned firms about an identity theft fraud, which it fears could lead to the sale of unsafe food.Fraudsters supposedly...


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