Food Supply Chain

The food supply chain could become more efficient by reducing waste at farms, claimed WRAP

Food waste on farms costs supply chain £30M

By Gwen Ridler

The UK food supply chain become could become more efficient and competitive and save the industry £30M a year by tackling food waste on farms, according to a new report from waste organisation the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Mars’s boss David Crean: ‘We need to think differently about food safety ...’

Mars uses technology to raise safety

By Rick Pendrous

Global food giant Mars is undertaking a large research project to “sequence the supply chain” in a move to improve food safety. 

Advances in food science are set to revolutionise the supply chain

Genetics and big data lead IFST spring conference

By Rick Pendrous

Technological advances that are helping food and drink producers to deliver safe and nutritious food to the consumer is the focus of the Institute of Food Science & Technology’s (IFST’s) spring conference, which takes place next month.

The Groceries Supply Code of Practice covers 10 large grocery retailers

Groceries Code comes under scrutiny

By Rick Pendrous

The UK food supply chain is coming under scrutiny at two events examining transparency, competition and focusing on the roles of Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) and the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP).

The FSA is probing the food supply chain to trace the origin of the fatal E.coli outbreak

Food supply chain probe to track fatal E.coli

By Michelle Perrett

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is investigating the food supply chain – including food manufacturers – to track down the source of the latest fatal E.coli outbreak. 

Prince Charles’s letters attack retailers

Prince Charles’s secret letters slam retailers

By Michael Stones

Prince Charles slammed supermarkets’ dominance of the food chain in private correspondence with former Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2005, according to his controversial letters published for the first time yesterday (May 13).

It's health o'clock: innovation will help firms exploit three key trends

Innovation to shape food industry’s future

By Michael Stones

Innovation is likely to shape the future of the future industry in a market dominated by lack of growth, price pressure from food retailers and changing consumer behaviour, according to a new report from Rabobank.

Tesco helped craft the revised standard

Malicious tampering standard revised

By Rod Addy

Tesco, Sainsbury and Heineken UK were among those involved in revising the industry standard that safeguards food and drink against malicious tampering from terrorists and other criminals.

Meat supply chain traceability has become a focus following the horsemeat scandal

Firms turn to new traceability systems following ‘horsegate’

By Rick Pendrous

Food companies are increasingly turning to the use of advanced traceability systems to ensure they don’t suffer a similar fate to those hit by last year’s horsemeat contamination scandal, according to a leading control systems supplier.

A carrot a day … Consumers should be encouraged to eat more plant-based food, says a leading nutritionalist

‘Eat more plant-based food to improve health’

By Nicholas Robinson

Consumers should be encouraged to consume more plant-based food to improve their nutritional health and relieve rising global demand for meat protein, which is pushing up the price of imports, a leading nutritionist has advised. 

The government is likely to accept the recommendations of the Elliott review, said its author

Government will take my advice: Professor Elliott

By Rick Pendrous

The government is likely to accept the recommendations from an independent inquiry into last year’s horsemeat contamination scandal, according to Professor Chris Elliott who conducted it and published his interim findings last December.

People are consuming the 'wrong calories' - tempted by supermarket promotions, which encourage shoppers to buy more food than they need, said Julian Wild

‘Promotions fuel obesity and waste’

By Michael Stones

Supermarket promotions tempt shoppers to buy more food than they need, which helps to fuel both obesity and waste, delegates to Fengrain’s conference near Peterborough were told recently.

Time for change: Peter Allan said the British Frozen Food Federation was adapting itself to meet the challenges of a changing world

Frozen food association BFFF restructures to meet new challenges

By Rick Pendrous

The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), which represents the UK’s frozen food manufacturing sector, is entering a period of significant change as it adapts itself to meet the challenges of a changing world, its new president Peter Allan has said.

Corridors of power: the Groceries Code Adjudicator will be a dominant influence on the food law landscape of 2014

Five top food law themes for 2014

By Michael Stones

Five top themes – led by the impact of the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) – will dominate the food law landscape of 2014, predicts law firm Roythornes.

Gwilym-Jones: wants the food chain to work much better

EC to consider adopting UK model for Groceries Code Adjudicator

By Rick Pendrous

The European Commission (EC) is considering the creation of an adjudicator to police supermarket abuse of power within the EU using the UK as a potential model, according to a member of the Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural...

Mary Creagh, shadow environment secretary

Food fighter

By Rick Pendrous

Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh is fighting to see fair food for all, reports Rick Pendrous

Past is present

Past is present

By Rick Pendrous

If there is part of its name that sums up what the Provision Trade Federation (PTF) stands for it is the word 'trade'. However, reading through Providing for Britain: a new book published to celebrate the PTF's 125th birthday, you'd...

Scotland calls food industry summit

Scotland calls food industry summit

By Rod Addy

The Scottish government is rallying food and drink processors to meet with politicians and stakeholder groups in Scotland on May 30 to help map out...


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