Food Allergy

TRACE looked at the impact of sleep deprivation and exercise on allergy attacks

Stress makes allergic reactions worse

By Rick Pendrous

Sleep deprivation and exercise can make peanut allergy sufferers vulnerable to more severe life-threatening anaphylaxis attacks, according to the latest results of a research project, which have yet to be published.

Rise in allergy intolerance

Rise in UK allergy intolerance

By Nicholas Robinson

Food allergy and intolerance in UK households has increased to affect more than one in three people, according to a new YouGov survey.

Menus will have to clarify which items contain the 14 foods most commonly sparking an allergic reaction

Foodservice faces £200M bill for new allergen rules

By Rod Addy

Changes to food allergen rules could cost £200M for foodservice operators, with smaller businesses among those set to struggle the most, according to the British Hospitality Association (BHA).

The acid make-up of the stomach plays an important part in allergies

Research investigates alcohol’s role in allergy

By Nicholas Robinson

The role that factors such as alcohol and antacid consumption and exercise play in people’s susceptibility to having allergic reactions to certain foods is being investigated in a new study by Leatherhead Food Research (LFR).

Food manufacturers should act now to avoid the new rules governing the handling and labelling of food allergens forcing up the number of food alerts issued by the Food Standards Agency

New guidance for manufacturers on managing allergens

By Rick Pendrous

New rules governing the handling and labelling of food allergens, which come into force later this year, could drive up the number of food alerts issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), unless manufacturers and others take urgent action.

A cure for children's allergic reactions to peanuts has moved a step closer, according to a study published in The Lancet

New peanut allergy treatment for kids ‘a great success’

By Michael Stones

A cure for children suffering the misery – and sometimes fatal consequences – of peanut allergy has moved significantly closer, according to a consultant allergist involved in a new ground-breaking study.

The new international study aims to establish a standardised approach to allergen management

World’s largest food allergy study launched

By Rick Pendrous

An international study into food allergies has been launched which hopes to establish a standardised approach to allergen management for companies involved in food manufacturing.

FSA commissions review of allergen labels

FSA commissions review of allergen labels

By Graham Holter

Research into the effectiveness and accuracy of allergen warnings on food will be commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) later this year.

May contain ...

May contain ...

By Elaine Watson

Would thresholds for adventitious presence of soy, nuts and sesame make allergen management any easier for manufacturers? Elaine Watson reports

If you tolerate this

If you tolerate this

By Elaine Watson

The supermarket ambient free from aisle is bursting with new products, but head into the ready meals cabinets or your local pub and the pickings remain slim indeed for allergy and intolerance sufferers, says Elaine Watson


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