European Commission

Novel foods: applications will now be submitted to the European Commission

EU novel foods overhaul gets cautious welcome

By Noli Dinkovski

The EU’s new centralised process for the approval of novel foods has been welcomed by the food industry – but there are fears over the implications on intellectual property.

Compostable film from Futamura (formerly known as Innovia Films)

Call for oxodegradable plastics ban wins support

By Paul Gander

More than 150 organisations, including leading UK brand-owners, have backed a November call by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) for a ban on oxodegradable plastics in packaging, including carrier bags.

Professor Glover: ‘We must call out when science and evidence is being misused’

Food scientists must stand up and be counted

By Rick Pendrous

Scientists – including those in food science and nutrition – need to start explaining to politicians and the public generally some potentially uncomfortable truths, or risk being shackled with policies that are not evidence-based, a leading scientist...

Cured meat processors fear EU cuts on nitrites

Cured meat firms fear EC nitrite cuts

By Rick Pendrous

Processed meat producers worry that the European Commission (EC) could reduce the maximum level of nitrites that are allowed to be used as a preservative in cured meat products such as ham.

FIC 'raises complex questions about determining which is the main ingredient'

Confusion about origin and added water labelling

By Rick Pendrous

EU legislation designed to avoid consumers being mislead about the country of origin of ingredients contained in compound foods they purchase is likely to cause headaches for food manufacturers, according to a legal expert.

BFFF: Labelled date of freezing should be the date of freezing of the burger, not of the meat ingredient

UK frozen food sector wins EC date labelling battle

By Rick Pendrous

The UK’s frozen food sector is celebrating a partial victory with the European Commission (EC) over a disagreement relating to the date labelling of frozen meat products required under the Food Information for Consumers (FIC) Regulations, which came into...

A TTIP trade deal could be undermined by German GMO fears

Trade deal could be torpedoed by German GM fears

By Michael Stones

A transatlantic trade deal – worth billions of pounds to European food and drink manufacturers – could be derailed by Germany’s fears of genetically modified (GM) products, according to a former leading Brussels bureaucrat.

'Scare-mongering' reports have over emphasised the dangers of quitting the EU

Food firms ‘to face higher costs after EU exit’

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers would face higher long-term costs if Britain quits the EU, but the move would have less impact on business than some “scare-mongering” reports suggest.

Bureaucracy weighs heavy: excessive red tape is said to be blocking wealth generation

Industry welcomes deregulation plans

By Rick Pendrous

Plans to cut red tape, announced by the new Conservative government and the European Commission (EC), have been welcomed by the business community, including representatives of food and drink manufacture.

Safety of insects considered by new report

First EU edible insect food safety guide published

By Nicholas Robinson

Food safety guidelines for insects destined for human consumption have been created for the first time in response to their likelihood of becoming widely consumed in Europe.


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