Efficient Energy Use

Food factories could save huge sums by being more energy efficient

Big savings on offer from improved energy efficiency

By Rick Pendrous

Many food and drink manufacturers are still reluctant to take advantage of efficiency savings, which will not only cut their energy bills but also reduce their environmental impact, it has emerged.

It pays to plan your ESOS compliance strategy carefully, said Jes Rutter

Energy savings scheme: ‘best way forward’

By Jes Rutter

There’s no quick fix to achieve compliance with the government’s Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS). It has been greeted in some quarters with some understandable scepticism, while others see it as a catalyst for change.

Mandatory energy audits will help the food and drink manufacturing sector save millions, said Martin Adams

Energy webinar

Mandatory energy audits ‘not about red tape’

By Michael Stones

New compulsory energy audits – which must be conducted by large-scale food and drink manufacturers by December 2015 – are not needless red tape but a key business tool that could save firms hundreds of thousands of pounds, says the government’s Energy...

Saving energy is a moral responsibility, said Jes Rutter. Sign up for our free webinar on Thursday September 18

Food firms told saving energy is a moral responsibility

By Michael Stones

Saving energy is a moral responsibility, which new EU legislation will force some food manufacturers to take more seriously, according to the md of the company sponsoring Food Manufacture’s free, one-hour webinar dedicated to the subject.

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Energy scheme to save manufacturers thousands

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturers could save thousands of pounds a year in reduced energy costs, thanks to the EU’s new Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), according to the man responsible for leading compliance with the new rules.

Energy savings a plenty: the government's new ESOS project offers 'huge opportunities' to make savings, said the boss of JRP Solutions

free energy webinar

Energy scheme helps firms switch on to savings

By Mike Stones

The government’s new Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – launched last week – offers food and drink manufacturers the chance to make significant savings, while demonstrating their green credentials, says the boss of the firm sponsoring the Food...

Heinz: investing in energy-efficient boilers

Efficient steam boilers bring cash benefits

By Rod Addy and Rick Pendrous

Heinz and Greene King are two of the latest firms in the food and drink sector to take advantage of energy efficient improvements to significantly cut the operational costs of their boilers.

Energy reduction becomes a priority

Energy reduction becomes a priority

With growing concerns about climate change and electricity costs soaring, the cold storage and distribution sector faces a challenging future. Francesca Twinn reports on how new research could help to provide the answers

Save energy, save money

Save energy, save money

By Michelle Knott

Many managers are unaware of just how much energy their pumps consume. But there are big energy and cost savings to made, as Michelle Knott explains


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