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There as a surprising number of high quality female entries for the young talent category in this year’s FMEAs

FMEAs 2017

Female FMEA entrants’ quality ‘surprising and encouraging’

By Gwen Ridler

The high quality of women entering the Young talent of the year category at this year’s Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEAs) proved campaigns promoting the food and drink industry to females were working, claimed Appetite Learning’s commercial director...

Nim’s Fruit Crisps ceo Nimisha Raja talks about winning a Food Manufacture Excellence Award


Winning FMEA boosts Nim’s reputation

By Gwen Ridler

Winning a Food Manufacture Excellence Award (FMEA) has grown the reputation and recognition for healthy snacks firm Nim’s Fruit Crisps, according to boss Nimisha Raja.

Barry Gardiner, shadow secretary for international trade, will be part of a top line-up at the 2017 FDF Convention


Brexit and obesity on agenda at industry convention

By Rick Pendrous

Shadow secretary for international trade Barry Gardiner will lead a top line-up of speakers at the Food and Drink Federation’s (FDF’s) 2017 Convention, which takes place at the British Museum in London on July 11.

The prime minister’s snap general election announcement offers a chance to forge a national food and farming policy, say industry leaders

Election 2017

National debate needed on food and farming policy

By Michael Stones

Politicians should set out their plans to develop the UK’s £108bn food and drink manufacturing sector ahead of the general election on Thursday June 8, insist industry leaders.

Wojciech Kalinowski received his award from category sponsor b3 jobs’s business development manager Louis Dixon and awards host Carol Smillie


Bradgate Bakery youngster wins Young Talent award

By Michael Stones

Bradgate Bakery’s Wojciech Kalinowski has landed the prestigious Young Talent of the Year award in the food and drink manufacturing industry’s Oscars – the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEAs).

Andrea Leadsom: 'Thoroughly enjoying my own apprenticeship as secretary of state for DEFRA'

Brexit to highlight food industry skills: DEFRA boss

By Michael Stones

Brexit will make skills development in the food and drink manufacturing sector even more important, said new environment secretary Andrea Leadsom, at the launch of a new apprenticeship programme.

Rick Pendrous, editor of Food Manufacture

Brexit impact

Food sector licks its wounds after Brexit

By Rick Pendrous

Despite all signs to the contrary, I don’t think many of us on the Remain side really expected a Brexit vote in our heart of hearts. Which made the result to leave the EU even more of a shock when we woke up on Friday June 24.

The short, three-minute survey will assess the food industry’s health

Food Manufacture survey tests sector’s hopes and fears

By Rick Pendrous

The UK electorate will decide next month whether or not the country remains part of the EU. And while the food and drink manufacturing sector appears to have come out firmly in favour of staying in, which way the vote goes will be a political rather than...

It's been a weird year for food news

Weirdest food and drink news stories of 2015

By Laurence Gibbons

Bacon-scented underwear, a £1M packet of crisps and a computer that uses Irn Bru to cool down all feature in our list of the weirdest food and drink news stories of the year.

Food and drink manufacturing was becoming a more attractive careers choice due to five factors


Food manufacturing sector needs more top end skills

By Michael Stones

The food and drink manufacturing sector will see a big increase in managerial, professional and technically skilled vacancies, the Food Manufacture group can exclusively reveal, based on new research from the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink.

It's vital the UK stays in the EU, bosses say

Weak euro threatens food’s export boom

By Nicholas Robinson

Food industry exports could be hit by challenging exchange rates, calling the sector’s recent growth into question, figures show as one of Britain’s biggest manufacturers urges the UK to leave the EU.

Please take part in our state-of-the-industry survey

Food firms asked to share views on industry's future

By Michael Stones

As the food and drink manufacturing sector considers the impact of the Conservatives’ election victory, the Food Manufacture Group invites you to share your views about the industry's future.

UK manufacturers were behind their European counterparts when it came to automation

PPMA 2014

Fear of speaking out against supermarkets must stop

By Nicholas Robinson

Manufacturers must speak out against the financial pressures supermarkets place on them if they are ever to invest in automation and improve their margins, an industry boss has urged.

Munday said there was a lot more the industry could do to attract talent

Business Leaders' Forum

Industry skills shortage set to continue as workforce ages

By Rick Pendrous

The struggle to attract young people into Britain’s food and drink manufacturing sector looks set to continue, despite manufacturers’ best efforts to raise the sector’s profile against a torrent of adverse publicity in the press and on TV.

Business leaders discussed a wide range of topics at the forum

Business Leaders' Forum

Business Leaders Forum – in pictures and quotes

By Laurence Gibbons

Mergers and acquisitions, rebuilding consumer trust after the horsemeat scandal broke and recruiting people into the food and drink manufacturing sector were key points discussed at Food Manufacture’s Business Leaders’ Forum.

Falls, slips, trips, burns and severed limbs are some of the most common accidents in the food and drink manufacturing sector

Health and safety timeline warns of poorly guarded machinery

By Laurence Gibbons

Poorly guarded machinery has been one of the most common causes of accidents in the food and drink manufacturing sector over the last 12 months – with a number of workers losing fingers as a result, FoodManufacture.co.uk can exclusively reveal.

Paul Wilkinson: DEFRA should launch an Entrepreneurs’ Fund to help small firms become big firms

Business Leaders' Forum

Food manufacturers need ‘Entrepreneurs’ Fund’

By Rick Pendrous

Business leaders have issued an urgent call for a new ‘Entrepreneurs’ Fund’ to be set up to help new food and drink manufacturers make the next step in their growth.

A key contributor to last year’s Business Leaders’ Forum was former Uniq boss Geoff Eaton, who is now chief operating officer with Premier Foods

Food manufacturers contribute to three-year M&A peak

By Mike Stones

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the UK food and drink manufacturing sector last year helped to set a three-year record for the UK economy, according to information services company Experian.

Mary Creagh, shadow environment secretary

Food fighter

By Rick Pendrous

Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh is fighting to see fair food for all, reports Rick Pendrous

Food group rejects Cameron’s quotas for women

Food group rejects Cameron’s quotas for women

By Mike Stones

Prime minister David Cameron’s support for the idea of introducing a quota for women in top business jobs has been rejected by the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink (NSAFD).

Gold-plating EU regulations can make the difference between profit and loss

Gold-plating EU laws costs food firms dear

By Mike Stones

The British government’s apparent eagerness to gold-plate EU regulations can make the difference between profit and loss, delegates heard at Food Manufacture’s Business Leaders’ Summit this week.

Caroline Spelman praised small food firms describing them as

Small food firms to lead economic recovery

By Mike Stones

Small and medium-sized food and drink manufacturers are the “engine room of growth that will lead the UK economic recovery”, Caroline Spelman, secretary of state for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs told a Food and Drink Federation...

Fewer food firms became insolvent in October compared with the same month last year

Insolvency affects fewer food firms

By Graham Holter and Mike Stones

The food manufacturing sector has seen a fall in the number of companies becoming insolvent, according to a new study.


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