ChatGPT has thrown artificial intelligence into the spotlight but how far can this technology go? Credit: Getty/Userba011d64_201

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How far can AI go?

By Marcel Koks

Marcel Koks, Infor’s food industry strategy leader, asks what AI can achieve for the food and beverage industry.

Jon Poole sits down with Keston Williams of Barfoot to talk decision-making with confidence

The Talent Poole

Being a confident decision-maker

By Jon Poole

Jon Poole interviews Keston Williams, Barfoots COO, who offers his perspective on nimble decision-making in the fast-paced world of food and drink.

Alison Johnson serves up three ways to help deter food fraud. Credit: Getty / Marilyn Nieves

Column: Food Forensics

Up your game when it comes to detecting food fraud

By Alison Johnson

Following the news of recent food fraud incidents, such as the event which recently impacted retailer Booths, Alison Johnson, managing director at Food Forensics outlines three ways of preventing food fraud occurring in your supply chain.

What challenges now face the food and drink supply chain?

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Challenges and developments in the food and drink supply chain

By Gwen Ridler

With the food and drink industry under constant threat from global pressures such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, how has the supply chain managed to keep up and running and what new developments do operators need to be aware of?

Have you heard?

Have you heard?

Inaccurate product data is costing the food industry millions, says Michelle Knott

Labs lead the .net revolution

Labs lead the .net revolution

By Susan Birks

There is an IT revolution going on in food testing laboratories that will affect more than lab technicians -- it could change the way those in creative development, production, purchasing and finance work. Susan Birks reports