A Windmill Bakery director has received a suspended prison sentence for misusing Bakers Basco’s equipment

Suspended jail sentence after bread basket misuse

By Gwen Ridler

A Coventry baker has been handed a suspended prison sentence and fined £3,000, after breaching injunctions not to use equipment belonging to Bakers Basco and its shareholders.

65 were arrested in Spain for planning the illegal sale of horsemeat

Horsemeat scam: 65 arrested with alleged leader of 2013 fraud

By Matt Atherton

Spanish police have arrested 65 people for planning the illegal sale of horsemeat, while Belgian police detained the organisation’s suspected leader, who was also the alleged kingpin behind the 2013 horsemeat scandal.

Two men were sentenced for illegal shellfish gathering

Fishermen sentenced for illegal shellfish gathering

By Matt Atherton

Two men received suspended prison sentences last week for illegal shellfish gathering, after an investigation by North Wales Police and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA).

Food Crime Confidential aims to help industry insiders report crime

National Food Crime Unit unveils whistleblowing line

By Michelle Perrett

The National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) has launched a whistleblowing facility called ‘Food Crime Confidential’, allowing those working in the food industry to report any suspicions over crime or safety.  

Exploitation gang from left to right, Oksana Valujeva, Lauma Vankova, Ivar Mezals, Juris Valujevs

Migrant exploitation gang jailed for 23 years

By Gwen Ridler

Four people have been jailed for a combined total of 23 years for offences relating to the exploitation of migrant workers ­– some employed in the vegetable sector – after a joint police and Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) investigation.

Organised crime groups are targeting the food industry, warns a new report

Organised crime could infiltrate food industry

By John Wood

More than 20 organised crime groups have links to the food industry and counterfeiting and piracy could account for more than £1bn of annual UK food and drink trade, according to a new report.

Organised food crime was not yet a UK problem but could soon become one, said the head of the new Food Crime Unit

Food safety conference

Organised food crime: time to face the threat

By Michael Stones

The UK food and drink industry should start preparing now to beat the challenge of organised crime, which could plague the industry in “a few years’ time”, warns the head of food crime at the Food Standards Agency.

The GLA is working with UK police forces to stamp out slavery in the food supply chain

Three charged over illegal people trafficking

By Rod Addy

Three people have been charged for illegal people trafficking as part of a joint operation between Norfolk Police, Suffolk Police and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA). 

The FSA lacks the resources to take on a national policing role, Brown claimed

FSA lacks resources to take on national food fraud policing role

By Rick Pendrous

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) lacks the resources to take on a national policing role for food fraud within a new food crime unit, as recommended by Professor Chris Elliot in his interim report following last year’s horsemeat scandal.

Morrisons confirmed an arrest had been made but released no further details

Morrisons quiet on ‘insider trading arrest’

By Michael Stones

Morrisons is refusing to confirm or deny reports that its group treasurer Paul Coyle has been arrested on suspicion of insider dealing, in advance of the supermarket’s partnership with online grocer Ocado.

One Scottish firm has been fined £2,000 for supplying staff to a potato processing and packaging plant without a gangmaster’s licence

Six charged in unlicensed food workers case

By Rod Addy

The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) has assisted in the prosecution of six people believed to be involved in human trafficking to supply flower packing and meat processing workers.


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