Cargill has invested in cocoa farmer training

Has bean, or has been?

By Michelle Knot

With a 1Mt cocoa shortfall predicted by 2020, processors are working to ensure a future for chocoholics, reports Michelle Knott

Five region restruction for ADM Cocoa

ADM shakes up structure

By Gary Scattergood

ADM Cocoa has restructured its organisation into five key regions and business units as it looks to enhance the level of service and support offered to customers by its global cocoa and chocolate team.

Fairtrade schemes are needed to avert serious global shortages of the

Mars urges action on cocoa to beat shortage

By Rick Pendrous

Urgent action was necessary to avoid the “bleak situation” of a serious global shortage of cocoa supplies within a decade, Fiona Dawson, president of Mars Chocolate UK, warned yesterday (June 12).

Cocoa loco

Cocoa loco

By Michelle Knott

People have been promoting the health benefits of dark chocolate and cocoa for years. But new research goes a step further, elevating cocoa beans to the status of a super fruit, rivalling blueberries, cranberries and pomegranates.

Diamond miner

Diamond miner

Cocoa beans are the food industry's new diamonds. Elaine Watson meets the man who's mining their potential