What's in the can? For preference: baked beans, tuna and tomatoes

What’s the canned food capital of Britain?

By Michael Stones

Any idea which city is the canned food capital of Britain? The answer is Birmingham, with its residents eating a whopping 640,000 cans a day, according to new research from the trade group Canned Food UK.

The new 'Nemo' concept has been used to launch Bonduelle's beans

Less metal and a smooth wall for can

By Paul Gander

A new specification for continental canned vegetable brand Bonduelle combines a nitrogen-dosed, pressurised steel food can with a 15% overall reduction in can weight, thanks to a significantly thinner wall, no requirement for beading, but also - critically...

Cans are out of favour for Heinz baked beans

Heinz dismisses baked beans slowdown

By Anne Bruce

Manufacturer Heinz has denied any slowdown in its sales, following news of a drop in demand at a tin can plant in Wales.

No can do? Keynote is gloomy about the future of canned foods

The decline and fall of canned foods?

By Graham Holter

Some parts of the canned foods industry are doomed, according to a new report from analysts at research firm Key Note, which predicts that total UK volume sales will continue to fall, despite a predicted rise in sales value.

Shape of the future

Shape of the future

In a market where 'fresh' has become the widely used buzz word, canned food products might appear to have acquired a somewhat dated image. But, as Catherine Quinn discovers, the canmakers are fighting back


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