Strategies for improving your supply chain traceability

Strategies for improving your supply chain traceability

The last few years have been volatile to say the least, and we can likely expect further instability in the years to come. 2024 will see elections in both the US and UK, potentially rocking the boat on upcoming policy following a year of postponements already. And, of course, we’ll start to see the impacts of recent laws such as the deforestation legislation, alongside the roll-out of new rules as we hear of proposals, like that of egg labelling and bird flu. Meanwhile, the continuation of geopolitical conflict and the influence of a changing climate still have a firm hold on the food sector’s future.
With accessibility, food safety and authentic claims all increasing areas of focus, as regulation, retail and consumers intensify pressure, ensuring your have full and accurate traceability of your supply chain is essential.
In this exclusive one-hour session, we’ll hear from several experts around the latest technologies available today and those that are emerging to help enhance your business’ traceability. With investments needed to be made more wisely than ever before, the session will also raise important questions around fixing the basic foundational issues within manufacturing traceability set-ups, risk vs reward and ensuring solutions are fit-for-purpose.


Camilla Young Camilla Young Programme Lead- Next Generation of Barcodes

Lee Walker Lee Walker Senior Solution Consultants Manager

Alain Dilworth Alain Dilworth Programme Manager
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Bethan Grylls Bethan Grylls Editor
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