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FoodManufacture Spotlight Series - Food Security

FoodManufacture Spotlight Series - Food Security

Food insecurity is a global problem. Since 1975, global obesity levels have almost tripled, yet in 2021 as many as 828 million people experienced hunger. In fact, 2.3 billion people were classed as moderately to severely food insecure; meanwhile, two thirds of all food produced is wasted.

This wasted food contributes to greenhouse gas production and our agricultural and energy-intensive processes help drive those levels up further. Intensification of agriculture, in terms of land use and monocrops, have resulted in the depletion of nature. Without biodiversity, we do not have fertile soil, pollinated plants, or nature’s water and air purifiers.

All the while, desertification claims 120,000 square km of fertile land every year in the UK, with officials warning that the world’s topsoil – necessary for growing food – could be lost within 60 years.

The UK has locked itself into a vicious circle of increasing production, environmental degradation and rising public health costs. Moreover, it imports an estimated 46% of its food, which doesn’t just further fuel greenhouses gases via food miles, but it makes us vulnerable and over reliant on others.

The problem is that as we attempt to address one problem, another becomes exacerbated.

So how do we break the cycle?

Join Food Manufacture for a week-long event, in which we investigate how one of the wealthiest countries in the world has succumb to food poverty, ways in which we may need to produce food in the future, and how we might form a business and wider supply chain strategy against food insecurity.

  • March 21: The Future of Food Production
  • March 23: How to Maintain a Safe, Secure Supply Chain

Our Food Security event is FREE to attend, and pre-registration is required. Please note, you will need to register for each session you wish to attend.

You can view our content schedule for the week below, which includes a 7-part documentary and 2 in-depth features on our site.

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