Potentially explosive cider leads food recall round-up

By Gwen Ridler

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Explosive cider, sharp lollipop sticks and incorrect use-by dates sparked recalls this month
Explosive cider, sharp lollipop sticks and incorrect use-by dates sparked recalls this month

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Potentially explosive bottles of cider, sharp lollipop sticks and incorrect use-by date labels have all sparked recalls in the past month, covered here in this round-up.

Explosion risk sparks recall of Clarkson cider

Hawkstone us recalling bottles of Hawkstone Cider on a precautionary basis following reports that some bottles have exploded as a result of over-fermentation.

Celebrity owner Jeremy Clarkson took to social media to instruct consumers on how to dispose of bottles of the affected product, advising them to don safety goggles and gloves and open the bottles under water.

The recall applied to 500ml bottles of the cider with the batch code L3160B and a best before date of June 2025. Consumers who safely dispose of the product were advised to take a photo of the caps and send that – with the order ID – to Hawkstone to arrange a replacement or refund.

A spokesman for the brand said: “Some of cider in this batch can become over-carbonated (too fizzy)because of the active champagne yeast which can either cause leaking or breakage – if your latest order has this batch ID and you haven’t drunk it yet it, please dispose of it as soon as possible safely.

“If you’ve drunk it, there’s nothing to worry about. It might have been a bit tangy, but these things can happen when you use high quality natural ingredients like we do.”

Injury risk from sharp lollipop stick

Bumerang Ltd has pulled its Candy Stars Lollipops from sale over risk of injury from the lollipop stick.

Sharp lollipops

It was found that the lollipop sticks inside 90g (3x30G) packs contained a sharp end inside the products which could be injurious to health.

Orange, Apple, Assorted Fruit and Strawberry Flavour variants of the lollipops with the batch code 816123 and the best before date of 15/12/2024 were all included in the recall.

Consumers were advised not to eat the affected products and instead return them to the store from which they were bought for a full refund. Alternatively, consumers were advised to contact Bumerang directly.

Broth labelling error triggers recall

Ossa broths

Ossa Organic Chicken Bone, Beef Bone and Vegetable Broth have all been pulled from store shelves because of a labelling error which shows an incorrect use-by date.

A risk assessment on the Food Standards Agency website said that an extended date had been put on the products, making them unsafe for consumers to eat.

The recall applied to 500g packs of the products that all have a use-by date of 5 November 2023, with the batch codes 2204 (Chicken Bone Broth), 2203 (Beef Bone Broth) and 2114 (Vegetable Broth).

A recall notice issued by Ossa Organic warned consumers not to eat the products covered by the recall and instead return them to the store from which they were purchased for a full refund – with or without a receipt.

Listeria contamination pulls mayonnaise from shelves

A potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination has sparked the recall of jars of Pott’s Truffle Mayonnaise.

truffle mayo

Potts Partnership Ltd has pulled 230g packs of the mayonnaise from sale. Affected products have a best-before date of July 2024 and the batch code 18823.

Symptoms caused by Listeria can be similar to flu and include high temperature, muscle ache or pain, chills, feeling or being sick and diarrhoea. However, in rare cases, the infection can be more severe, causing serious complications, such as meningitis.

A spokesman for the company told Food Manufacture: "Given the recent nature of this issue we are still establishing the full route cause and are working closely with the EHO and FSA to complete our investigation. 

"Given the potential risks of listeria contamination the recall was issued by Potts’ as a precaution on Friday afternoon.  All subsequent re-tests and enumeration tests of the affected batch have found no listeria contamination. We have also tested all other batches of similar product and have found no issue.

"As a precaution, we have increased our cleaning protocols and are also positively releasing all future batches of mayonnaise while the investigation is ongoing."

 Consumers who have bought the affected jars of Truffle Mayonnaise were advised to return it to the store it was purchased from for a full refund.

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