Precision filleting of chicken thighs

By Rick Pendrous

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Precision filleting of chicken thighs
To meet growing consumer demand for boneless chicken thigh meat, Marel Poultry has developed the Stork thigh fillet system, which is claimed to process thighs in-line with high precision and consistency.

The system does away with the need for manual trimming, as thigh bones and knee caps are separated from the meat to produce the fillets. Manual shackling or rehanging is also no longer necessary, thanks to the completely in-line nature of the automated process after the Stork ACM-NT cut-up process.

The system makes use of five carousel modules to execute the thigh filleting process: from knee joint incision, via skinning and bone extraction to knee cap removal and fillet harvesting. The harvester is said to scrape most of the valuable meat from around the knee cap without putting undue stress on the drumstick.

The filleting system is claimed to emulate a skilled manual worker, providing consistency for all products entering the system, irrespective of size or quality.

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