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UKIP voters most likely to shop at Sainsbury’s stores

By Rod Addy

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Shoppers at Tesco were more likely to vote Conservative than those frequenting other retailers
Shoppers at Tesco were more likely to vote Conservative than those frequenting other retailers

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Tesco and Sainsbury shoppers are most likely to vote Conservative, Asda and Morrisons customers favour Labour and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has the highest support among Sainsbury’s shoppers.

That’s according to the outcome of retail analyst Conlumino’s Consumer Sentiment Tracker survey. The organisation also claims that Morrisons shoppers represent the highest share of undecided voters as the May 7 General Election looms.

The results indicate more than 29% of Tesco shoppers and 27% of Sainsbury shoppers aim to vote Conservative, while almost 37% of Asda customers and 30% of Morrisons shoppers intend to vote Labour.


Sainsbury had the highest level of support for UKIP out of consumers frequenting the big four supermarkets, with nearly a fifth of its shoppers planning to vote for the party. In comparison, UKIP support was weakest among Asda shoppers, with just over 12% planning to support the party.

Support for the Liberal Democrats was weak across shoppers at all the big four supermarkets, especially among those frequenting Morrisons, but strongest among Sainsbury shoppers, Conlumino claimed. The Green party has most support from Sainsbury’s shoppers, while Morrisons’ shoppers were least likely to vote for this party, it added.

Consumers planning to vote for the Liberal Democrats were most positive when it came to future spending intentions both compared with the UK wide index, and with those planning to vote for the other major political parties.

Future spending

Consumers planning to vote for the Labour party were most negative about future spending intentions compared with the UK wide index, and with those planning to vote for other major political parties.

They were nearly twice as negative about their spending intentions over the next six months than those planning to vote for the Conservative party, said Conlumino.

Those planning to vote for UKIP were very negative about future spending intentions, it claimed. Just 3.5% of those planning to vote for the party stated they are planning to spend a bit more on retail goods in the next six months.

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Posted by Ian p,

What a load of tosh!
I shop anywhere so does that make me undecided, I don't think so!

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Posted by Dave Hughes,

I was wondering why I was liking Sainsburys less and less - now I realise it is my fellow shoppers being closet racists and little Englanders. Time to move somewhere where my peers are more open minded then.

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What a Load of Rubbish

Posted by Bill Fairweather,

We are UKIP Supporters and would never dream of shopping in Sainsbury's. We are far too sensible and prefer to shop around, and yes, use Aldi and Lidl when the price comparisons make sense. Please stop labelling the electorate like sheep who in your opinion fall into categories that don't exist

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