Cryogenic freezing gets on with MAP

Cryogenic freezing gets on with MAP

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Food processors can now extend shelf-life and boost the quality of fresh produce, thanks to a new procedure which combines the best of cryogenic freezing with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Air Products’ Freshline Superfresh technology slows down the deterioration of frozen food after it has thawed. This enables a frozen, then thawed product to offer comparable quality, appearance and shelf-life to a standard MAP chilled product, while also maintaining both taste and texture, claims the company.

Tests have shown that in some cases, food that has been subject to the process can enjoy a longer shelf-life when it reaches the shop floor, compared with the use of traditional MAP techniques.

Once preserved using the new process, products can be stored and distributed in a frozen state before being subsequently thawed on demand at the point of sale or by the end user.

Assuming the product has been thawed correctly, the end user can even refreeze the product at home. This not only offers a greater degree of flexibility throughout the logistics process but it also reduces food waste across the supply chain and through to the end consumer.

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